Batshuayi leaves his future open

Three games, five goals. BVB rookie Michy Batshuayi hissed like a rocket into the sky over Dortmund. But since then there is silence on the Belgian lending striker. Coach Peter Stöger is relaxed about this, he says: “It was clear to us that it would not continue the whole time as it did at the beginning.”

Against Gladbach (1: 0) Batshuayi went out empty, also against Bergamo and Augsburg (each 1: 1) stood with him the zero. They were joyless evenings for the 24-year-old, who is increasingly well shielded – but also as a victim of the completely deficient offensive performance of Borussia must be considered. Only three chances she created in these three encounters, which is far below the high black and yellow standard. Batshuayi is suffering from the acute supply shortage.

Stöger continues to certify the attacker “in which he is dangerous,” but admits that Batshuayi’s teammates recently often failed to bring the Aubameyang successor in the area where he can use his strengths. So then arise games like on Monday against Augsburg, in which Batshuayi moves on the edge of perceptibility.

Back to London?

His quality as a physically strong final player remains undisputed. The at Chelsea under contract and only lent until the end of the season scorers probably has the format to help Dortmund longer than just for a few months. But whether he returns to London in the summer or is firmly committed by BVB remains an open question. Not even Batshuayi himself is seriously grappling with it at the moment.

Batshuayi: “That would block my head”

“At the moment I’m thinking only about football, not the future,” he says in an interview with the Funke Media Group (Friday), “What interests me in the future is not what interests me I’m just thinking. ” Anxious to ponder what shirt color he will wear in the coming season, blue (Chelsea) or yellow (Dortmund), would burden him too much, reveals Batshuayi: “That would block my head.”