Ferrari-Indy: the option is there if Liberty does not change


We run with the Dallara and V6 turbo chassis: in the event of a break in F1 on the rules, in 2020 … The previous Formula Cart with the red one that Enzo Ferrari had built to put pressure on the International Federation.

And if Sergio Marchionne’s plan was to bring Ferrari to Indy? For now it is only a suggestion, but something behind the scenes moves, after the statements made in Geneva by the president of the red. At that time, speaking of the United States and the hypothesis of one day running the Indianapolis 500, his answer was: “Why not? We have the tradition to do it and we are thinking about it”. At that moment everyone thought of the Alfa Romeo brand, back in F1 this year as a sponsor of Sauber, but who knows that the project can not be about Ferrari itself and its future in racing.
threats – Marchionne’s repeated threats to leave the GPs after 2020, if new rules on engines destined to distort the DNA of F.1 come into force, are a clear message to the American owners of Liberty Media, with whom the negotiations go ahead already for a year. According to Bernie Ecclestone, this is not a bluff. “I know Sergio and I assure you that he is not a guy who talks – the old boss recently told the Guardian – Some people have a new series in mind and I know that Marchionne has had discussions in this direction in the last few weeks. he decided to get away from F1 would be difficult for everyone Ferrari has a great influence and many would follow it “.
indy 500 – The idea of ​​creating an alternative championship is a scarecrow for Liberty, considering how much has been reinforced in recent seasons the political axis of Ferrari with Toto Wolff and Mercedes, which was also recently added by the McLaren of Zak Brown. Three big teams on the same side are an important coalition. But perhaps Marchionne also looks elsewhere. And here the IndyCar comes back into play. Last Friday, the Scuderia Corsa team, which runs with the Ferraris in the Imsa and Endurance championships in North America, announced that it had reached an agreement with the Bobby Rahal team and the TV presenter David Letterman, to race the next 500 Miles of Indianapolis (May 27th) with the Oriol Servia pilot.
background – This is not a new story, considering that the head of Scuderia Corsa is Giacomo Mattioli, the largest Ferrari dealer in the world, as well as father of Enzo jr, great-grandson of the Commendatore and nephew of Piero Ferrari. Behind the operation there could be the paternity of Marchionne, interested in preparing the ground for a possible Indy project, which would be an alternative with which to put pressure on Liberty on the bargaining table. There is the precedent of 1986, when Enzo Ferrari himself decided to build a single-seater for Formula Cart, driven by the disagreements with the International Federation, which had suspended the transition to engines of 1200 cmc, for which Maranello had already achieved a new 4-cylinder. Ferrari Cart never ran, but served as a political tool.
alonso’s example – On the other hand, also the example of McLaren, who last year in a few months set up his participation in Indianapolis with a papaya car driven by Fernando Alonso, shows that the plan is feasible. Indy competes with all the same frames, made in Varano de ‘Melegari from Gian Paolo Dallara’s factory, of which Marchionne in Geneva said: “I consider him a great, the best Italian engineer”. A touch of red would be enough. While for the engine, Ferrari would have no difficulty building it alone, being a traditional 2.2-liter V6 turbo, much simpler and cheaper than the hybrid power units used today in F1.

Skiing, Cup downhill of the Goggia: “Dream come true, what tension on the eve”


Sofia embraces the Sphere in tears: “The previous days were very hard to live in. I was wrecked, tired … Vonn … You won the race, but I won the general classification: it’s a great honor to compete with her, to beat her at the end of this season it’s something incredible “

Crying, Sofia, with the crystal cup of descent in hand. He has just embraced Lindsey Vonn, dark in the face, almost in tears and desperate at the end of the race, resigned to second place in the standings despite the wonder number 82 in his career. And after celebrating, convinced that he had hit the overtaking on the wire. Six hundredths divided at Are Lindsey from Sofia, three points ahead of Goggia on Vonn in the standings. For the Italian team, he is the 21st podium in his career, with four wins, 10 seconds and 7 third places, in addition to the Olympic gold of PyeongChang and the bronze medal in last year’s giant at the World Championships in St. Moritz.

Sofia Goggia and Lindsey Vonn on the podium. Getty honor to lindsey – The moment for Italian skiing is one to remember forever. The 25 year old from Bergamo, after screaming, hugging, kissing everyone, cashed the compliments of the opponents, says: “A wonderful moment, a dream come true today.The previous days were very hard to live, the tension was very high. Lindsey Vonn: I won the race, but I won the general classification: it is a great honor to compete with her, for me to beat her at the end of this season is something incredible “.