Police detected against Sandhausen professional

He rammed the car of his teammate and made his way out of the dust.
Giant excitement around Sandhausen professional Tim Knipping (25). The police investigate the central defender because of a driver’s escape.

Knipping had hit the BMW of team colleague Julian Derstroff (26) after BILD information on Thursday when ausparken with his Mercedes – damage between 3500 and 4000 euros.
Instead of reporting the accident, he drove off.

Derstroff called the police, who convicted the sinner. The club stroked Knipping then in 2: 3 against Bochum from the squad. “We gave him the opportunity to think about his mistake,” says sports director Otmar Schork (60).
In the meantime, Knipping has apologized and was pardoned by Sandhausen.
But not from the prosecutor: He faces a fine and the loss of the driver’s license.

Last-minute shock for Dynamo!

This is just unreal! Dynamo Dresden fights back in front of 11,883 fans in Ingolstadt. But in stoppage Bayern beat twice.

Dynamo hangs first in the relegation battle with it.

Dynamo coach Uwe Neuhaus continued after Seguin’s weak appearance against Heidenheim including own-goal back to Philip Heise as left-back.

For the first time in over three months, captain Marco Hartmann was in the squad after several injuries, but initially on the bench. As the native Dresdner Stefan Kutschke had to take place on Ingolstadt side – as in the first leg against his former club, feels comfortable to maximum punishment.

Dynamo has the first giant: Corner lands a fire-dangerous Aufsetzer of Roeser just so on the net (5th). But that was it for a long time with offensive actions of the Saxons. The FCI comes, SGD keeper Schubert wags in a free kick by Kittel, can save the rebound in the follow-up at the feet of the bullet-ready level (8).

Striker Thomas Pledl puts the ball through again, Heise is too slow, goal, 1-0 (16). Dynamo has problems in the game structure, runs mainly on the outside.

After a half-high ball in the Dresden penalty area it’s burning again. An Ingolstadt tries to extend the ball, the defense is irritated and Tobias Schröck pushes completely naked to 2: 0 (29). Dynamo of the role!

Center-back Franke causes the next chance with a capital failure. Kittel places cross on Pledl, who this time free-standing shoots right center over, must be 3-0 (35.).

Neuhaus is fully served, trying his defense to scream awake. Also at the front there is hardly anything for the guests. Only attacker Koné can keeper Nyland on the back pass almost the leather abluchsen, otherwise he remains like his team pale.

Then the dynamo dynamite is suddenly there! Koné collects a shove from Gaus, 911 at the five-meter room! The foul meets humorous bottom left – 2: 1 (58.).

After that happens little – until the 79th minute: After Heise corner captain Florian Ballas at the short post is completely free, nods the ball precisely to the inner post, the ball turns in – 2: 2.

Now Ingolstadt reacts again, runs! But Schubert is in a Schröck header (82) and a Matip distance shot (83rd) with two parades.

It looks as if Dynamo, as in the first leg of a 2-0 lead to 2-2 final score, brings a nearly lost point.

Then the 91st minute. This crazy Ingolstadt playmaker Kittel keeps out of ambush flat on the corner, the thing hits bottom left – 2: 3!

Bitter: Kittel puts Cohen in a counterattack still the 4: 2 (92) on. Ending!

Hosiner with Gate Balm

Austrian ends long losing streak

323 days can be a torment for a striker. So long Philipp Hosiner (28) had to wait for a goal. Saturday against Regensburg (2: 2) he met for the meantime 2: 1.

His first second division goal since the 31st game of the season (2: 1 against Sandhausen). The Austrian honest: “Of course I’m glad that I could score again after a long time. That’s balm for the soul of a striker. ”

Coach André Hofschneider (47): “Now he scored the goal. Now he has to continue. As he did, it should give him confidence in any case. “Hosiner nibbled the opponent and slipped into the right corner. Hofschneider continues: “For strikers it is often the case that a run can arise with the first sense of achievement. Everyone is hoping for that now. “

What is good for Hosiner: Sebastian Polter (26) is in his recovery after Achilles tendon rupture and will probably return only in autumn. So the attacker has almost a deployment guarantee. Polter had both under Jens Keller (47) and under Hofschneider a commitment guarantee, Hosiner remained maximally the Joker role. Now the Burgenlander can show what he can do and help the team with their goals. Hosiner: “The path is right. We beat everything against Regensburg. “