Elustondo and Odriozola, as in the old days

The decision of Imanol Alguacil to advance against Eibar the position of Alvaro Odriozola, to give entry to Aritz Elustondo on the right side, allowed both youth players to share the right wing of Real Sociedad in the First Division, more than three years after they did it in the subsidiary, before the one from Beasain came up with the majors and propitiated that the Donostiarra was delayed to a position in which he had become international with Spain.

Odriozola appeared at the Sanse in the 2013-14 season, when he played on the right wing in the youth team, with the one now on loan at Leganés Joseba Zaldua occupying the right side of the subsidiary defense and Aritz Elustondo acting as central.

The Beasain would then go to the position of lateral, to promote his partner to the staff of First Division, and in the subsequent course he and the now absolute international would share a band in some games, with the disputed against Barakaldo or Socuéllamos, with Pablo’s permission Hervías and Joseba Muguruza, who at that time had more weight than Álvaro.

The injuries of Carlos Martínez and Dani Estrada led to the arrival of the elite in Zaldua, in that 2013-14, and the physical problems in the later course of this and the Navarrese, the rise of Aritz, being then when Imanol Alguacil decided to delay Odriozola to the defense, line in which he managed to explode soon after.

The technician Oriotarra, perfectly aware of what both players can offer, opted for his debut in Ipurua to remember old times in the Sanse and place for the first time in the elite to Odriozola as far right, to accommodate from behind Aritz , with the idea of ​​reinforcing that band, one of the main offensive assets of Eibar, returning to coincide both together with the line of lime, more than three years later.

Everything seems to indicate that this is an isolated event and it seems likely that the decision to put Aritz back on the side and overtake Álvaro was taken by Imanol only to visit Eibar, and that this Sunday, even more so playing in Anoeta, the Absolute international will return to its position.

Aritz, from the stand at eleven

Aritz returned in Eibar to the Real’s starting team, after four consecutive games without minutes, the last of Eusebio’s stage remaining even in the stands without convoking, in the match against Getafe in Anoeta. Some fans asked the pucelano to place 15 on the right side, to strengthen the back, and they fulfilled their wish with Imanol. The work of the beasaindarra should not have been bad, since the realistic fans voted him in the web of the club like the most outstanding player of the encounter.

The Eibar, in the hands of Kike García

The injuries of Charles and Enrich fill him with responsibility at the peak moment

The Eibar is entrusted to the goals of Kike Garcia to continue dreaming in a European key. With Sergi Enrich and Charles Dias in the infirmary, the continental ticket will depend to a large extent on the scoring inspiration of the Manchego striker, the only attacker available to José Luis Mendilibar in the momentous encounter that will be played by the armourer on Saturday at Benito Villamarín.

Since his appearance in Ipurua, he has been a player who has had the confidence of the coach, but he has never been seen in an equal. The six weeks that will be Charles in the dry dock and the complications that have occurred in the recovery of Enrich have left him alone before the danger. The manchego is forced to take a step forward.

The challenge that lies ahead is huge and full of responsibility. He is the top scorer of Eibar in the second round, but all the goals he has done this season have been with another forward at his side. Now he will have to learn to survive alone. The European train does not wait and Kike Garcia will have to respond to the demand from the first day, because Eibar can not afford any more trips.

Second opportunity

The former Real Murcia already showed last season that the goal does not get smaller when the pressure increases. He was one of those who kept the European flame alive until the final weeks of the championship. The defeat against Athletic ended the European dream. Fate has given him a second chance and he does not want to waste it.

Athletic bag cracks without Europe

The European circuit is more than football. Athletic is preparing for a year watching the Europa League on television. It will be a strange course after appearing among the top 35 teams on the continent in the UEFA ranking. Watching the Europa League at a distance will be more than a sports problem since the club will stop entering a millionaire.

In the last two seasons, Athletic had received around 25 million euros thanks to its performance in the competition. And it is still to be computed what this course will take, which is expected between 10 and 12 million joining the revenues of the tournament and the market pool.

There is no budget item capable of equaling what the entity will lose due to its non-classification. The drop in the collection bag will force a budgetary adjustment. And it will also question the attainment of benefits for the 2018-19 season, whose accounts will fall on the results of the Directive that will prevail in the elections to be held with the entry of next year. The annual balances during the Urrutia stage have stood out for offering positive numbers that will not be possible without entering European competition.

The next exercise will compute renewals and signings (those made and those that will come), which always mean an increase in spending. The first assembly of the new Board – whether new or related to the one it now governs – will be with the inherited numbers.

10 kilos without show

In the last 10 years, Athletic has received almost 70 million euros for their European appearances, leaving the season that with Valverde was competed in the Champions as the most productive to raise 25 million euros. A budget without continental income options is a lame budget because, except for television revenues, there is no such item.

In a European season without great fanfare – the previous season Athletic went through the group stage and stayed in the round of sixteen – the club received 9.5 million euros for UEFA. It is almost double the amount estimated for the marketing of the VIP ring of San Mamés, with an expectation of 5 kilos.