Adrián Dalmau, the solution is at home

This Tuesday, at 7:00 p.m. in the Emirates, Villarreal sub23 will seek the pass to the final of the Premier League International Cup against Arsenal. And he will do so by grabbing the big moment of his offensive reference, Adrián Dalmau, who has four goals in the only two matches he has played in the competition.

Meanwhile, in the first team Calleja tries all possible combinations to come up with a solvent attack, Dalmau merits to have a chance. The departure of Bakambu, together with the irregular course of Carlos Bacca or the intermittency of the Turkish Enes Ünal, forced the yellow coach to modify his attack almost every weekend.

Villarreal B maintains its promotion options intact – second to six points behind Mallorca – and has one of the top scorers in the category. Dalmau accumulates ten goals and has transferred his great moment to international competition.

The Premier League International Cup, under23 tournament organized by the English league in which many of the great clubs of the European continent meet, is in the final section of its letter edition. Newcasle and Oporto -the last champion- star one of the semifinals while Villarreal does with the other, where Arsenal awaits. The yellow team, champion two editions ago, looks for a place in the final and Dalmau’s streak is the best weapon to achieve it.

The Dalmau season, which ends with a contract at the age of 24 next summer, has not gone unnoticed by several European teams, who have already asked about their situation. The showcase of the Premier League International Cup has discovered a striker who is ready to make the leap to the elite of football.

Vicente Gómez lets himself be loved by Betis

The descent of UD Las Palmas is not yet certified, but it will come true in a matter of weeks. In this climate the rumors about the future of the players of the yellow template begin to grow. Only ten players -Lizoain, Dani Castellano, Ximo Navarro, Pedro Bigas, David Simón, Vicente Gómez, Aquilani, Peñalba, Tana and Ezekiel- have a contract for next season.

The salary of several of those players would be reduced by the decline, as stipulated in their contracts. One of the players that would be in this situation is Vicente Gómez. with a contract until June 30, 2020.

The midfielder has not had continuity this campaign, but despite this, he will not lack suitors. One of them is Real Betis. The player was a fundamental piece with Quique Setién, with whom he has never lost touch and with whom he maintains fluid communication.

Again the rumors about the future of Vicente jump. The footballer would not look with good eyes to return to Second Division. His representative -as every summer- has already offered the squad to several teams. The handicap is the player’s clause, 30 million euros, and the remaining two years of contract in the Canarian club.

In recent years the figure of Vicente Gómez has been associated with Sporting de Gijón, Valencia, Espanyol and Werder Bremen, but these rumors never came to fruition in formal offer, leaving in the air if they were real interests or simply a strategy of his agent to revalue the player and get better contracts.

The situation of the club in LaLiga has given way anticipated to the summer of negotiations. The pre-season has already reached the island and the name of Vicente is not the first to sound.

Marcellin’s points

“This is approaching a miracle, and if it is not, it’s thanks to the players who work every day.” Marcelino named the Valencia season, which has 65 points – the highest figure of the Asturian coach – with 21 to go. Just as two weeks ago he described as “bullshit” the records that he as a coach and Valencia as a team have a shot-number of victories and total points in a campaign, after beating Espanyol made a call for attention on the performance of the team this season.

Because Valencia is in the absence of seven days to finish the season in third position, one point above Real Madrid and three of the second, Atlético. With seven matches to go, he is 13 points shy of beating Benítez’s record of 77 in 2003-04 and equaling Nuno in 2014-15. There is a difference between this course and that of the Portuguese technician. Then, in a season closely matched Valencia managed to get into the Champions League suffering in the last day against Almeria. Now, the fourth square has been moored for weeks and gives direct access to the first division of Europe.

For Valencia it is not anecdotal to be fourth, third or second. In addition to the fact that the classification has an impact on television revenues, a competitive gene that had disappeared in the last two years has been installed in the workforce. After having overtaken Real Madrid and placed three points of Atletico, the word runner-up begins to sound between the final goal for May 20.
Rodrigo’s message

In this context should be noted Rodrigo thought after the last victory, with his goal, which gave way to the third place: “We have lacked daring.We do not have to settle for winning start.We have to maintain the level for 90 minutes and not be afraid to hold the result, we are a team that has many resources in attack and we have to get ahead of ourselves “.

They asked Marcelino for these words and he finished off. “I agree, I’m excited to fight for the runner-up, but more than the position I’m excited to continue being ambitious to win.” The eight-game winning streak in nine matches is the best example.