Malaga Ontiveros puts the light on the typical summer skittle

Almost 30 degrees in the shade, legs loaded after two weeks full of double sessions, training this morning, several debutants … all this influenced for Málaga and Marbella to star in the typical preseason game: without fluidity, without overflow and with some imbalances that will be fixed, it is to be expected, as the league start approaches.
What they did have both teams were occasions, especially in the first half, where the Marbella, on the way out of a corner, enjoyed the best of all when Manu received the ball at the far post, cheated Andrés Prieto, but his shot, already with the goalkeeper on the ground, crossed it too. Málaga responded with a good play from En-Nesyri on the left, reaching the end line and centering on the near post, where Juanpi Añor finished off with his bad leg, right, loose and in the center.
Some more shot from outside the area that did not reach goal summed up a first part in which Juankar was forced to leave by a blow to the neck. Ricca supplied him in the 35th minute, thus advancing the carousel of changes that would occur in the second half.
Of those who entered soda from the 60th minute, the most outstanding was Ontiveros, very motivated in his native Marbella. Málaga controlled more and better the ball, making changes of orientation, avoiding losses in the center of the field, but always ended up turning the game to the left, where Ontiveros appeared. From there, in one of his typical gallops leaving everyone by technique and power, he stood in front of Wilfred and almost without an angle he crashed the ball into the post.
Little more can be highlighted from a meeting that served to see the debut of the latest Malaguista signing, Munir, who played his first minutes, although he went unnoticed because Marbella barely disturbed his goal. There will be time to analyze in more detail the adaptation of the other two incorporations, Renato Santos and Boulahroud, who did not intervene in excess, such as the VAR, which was not used at any time.
Málaga: Andrés Prieto (Munir, 46 ‘); Iván Rodríguez, Abqar, Diego González, Juankar (Ricca, 35 ‘); Boulahroud, Iturra; Juan Cruz, Juanpi Añor, Mula; En-Nesyri.
From the 60th minute, the alignment was as follows: Munir; Rosales, Luis Hernández, I. Miquel, Ricca; Recio, Lacen; Renato Santos, Adrián, Ontiveros; Harper.
Marbella: Godino, Ismael Gallar, Lolo Pavón, Hakim, Marcos, Mario Enríquez; Manu, Álex Bernal, Sillero, N’Diaye; Juanma
In the second half came Wilfred, Javi Moreno, José Cruz, José Ramón, Elías, Añón, Rachid, Agüero, Esteban and Alberto.

Leganés The Lega makes official the transfer of Diego Rico to Bournemouth

The Leganés and the Bournemouth reached an agreement to close the transfer of the up-to-date soccer player Diego Rico Salguero, thus closing his stage in the set pepinero after two seasons.

The player from Burgos leaves after defending in 51 official matches and in more than 4,447 minutes the blue and white shirt with professionalism, commitment and dedication. To which the club is enormously grateful and wishes the greatest of luck both professionally and personally.

Getafe Eibar and Getafe negotiate the transfer of Ivi Alejo

It is about to end one of the soap operas of the summer in the modest club of First Division. Although these, at times, make important disbursements. Getafe is dominating the great majority of movements in the national market and after closing the arrivals of Jaime Mata, Sergi Guardiola or David Soria, has also decided to take the services of Iván Alejo after agreeing with the Eibar an important transfer that far surpasses the amount that a year ago the club eibarrés paid the Alcorcón. The definitive signature of all parties is missing.

Alejo, wanted by a good number of First Division teams, left the Valladolid quarry and, after several years in the subsidiaries of Atletico Madrid and Villarreal, I landed in Alcorcón, where I appeared despite not enjoying excessive continuity. Something similar happened to him in the Eibar, that paid in his day about half a million Euros to be done with his services to the potter set. During the last course disputed 22 parties, with 16 titularities, but without full confidence of Jose Luis Mendilíbar. The operation would take Ivi Alejo to the Coliseum for the next four or five seasons.

Real society La Real could offer 8 million for Rico to Leganés

The Real Sociedad has made Leganés an offer of 8 million euros for Diego Rico, a former player of Asier Garitano and who responds to the profile of left-back that the entity txuriurdin wants to reinforce his defense. A player of that demarcation and an extreme would be the two incorporations that in Anoeta would be added to that of Mikel Merino in the remainder of the market.

La Real has offered 8 million euros to Leganés to take over the services of Diego Rico, as reported by Euskal Telebista early this afternoon, curiously shortly after Jokin Aperribay said, in the presentation of Mikel Merino, that the Presiding club does not have open negotiations with anyone.

The left defense post is one that the txuriurdin team wants to reinforce and the name of Diego Rico came to the fore when it was announced that his coach the last campaigns, Asier Garitano, was in San Sebastian, but in recent weeks there was no talk of him. We will see if this offensive is real and if it ends in agreement.

Athletic Mikel Rico and Balenziaga, veterans in difficulties

Berizzo continues making tests to assemble his numerous pieces in the game idea he has in mind. There is a month left for the start of LaLiga and the only confirmed start has been that of Vesga. The focus of discards always seems to be directed towards the meritorious ones and those who return from assignments. But the preseason can bring more than one out of players who have experience and gallons.

The most surprising case can be that of Mikel Balenziaga. The Zumarraga, undisputed left-back since his return in 2013, is seriously jeopardized its continuity after the arrival of Ganea and, especially, Berchiche, called to be the owner on that flank, and with the puppy Andoni Lopez pushing from behind. He has one year left on his contract, after the renewal he signed in 2015 (35 million clause). The Valladolid, where he left so good between 2011 and 2013, is very attentive to what is brewing in the offices around a footballer who can not be denied sacrifice and commitment.

All in all, the center of the field is the one that has the most unexpected movements. It is the plot that received the most criticism last year and the most populated one. Not all midfielders will fit in the 4-3-3 Berizzo proposes, who will not tremble if he has to reform a machine room in which the average age is high: Mikel Rico (33), Beñat ( 31), Iturraspe and San José (29 both). All have only one year of contract, except Igorre (2020), who is the best poster has together with Mikel Rico, for whom the Huesca sighs.

The Athletic 2018-19 begins

Diego Pablo Simeone counted on the return to work with nine players of the first team, plus Savic, who stayed in the gym, and 17 homegrown.

The sun began to fall in Majadahonda when a taxi asked for a pass to the entrance of the rojiblanca Sports City: in it traveled Oblak, the last soccer player to arrive at the beginning of the Atlético preseason. 19:37 Since 19:30 the others were already on the grass. With changes in the coaching staff (Vizcaíno and Tiago losses, Nelson Vivas high), changes in the team of Profe Ortega (the loss of Iván Díaz Infantes, the recovery of Uruguayan Alfredo Garodiche) and change in the players: the absence of Gabi, of Torres (of the same Tiago although his place was now another), the presence of two new Adam and Rodri, in addition to Juanfran, Thomas, Correa, Vitolo and Vietto and Gameiro, both present in Madrid although their future seems far from the Athletic.

Along with them, in addition, 17 of quarry: San Román and Dos Santos (goalkeepers); Solano, Carlos Isaac, Tachi, Manny, Montero, Aitor (defenses); Toni Moyá, Olabe, Pinchi, Carro, Joaquín, Mollejo (midfielders), Camel, Cédric and Garcés (strikers).

Ten minutes later Oblak was already going down the ramp, dressed in purple, pink stripe, to join the others. Only Savic, of the aforementioned, stayed in the gym, doing alternative work, recovering after his pubalgia operation in May. First he warmed up with Óscar Menendez, second of the Profe, then joined the others. The first part of the session were proprioception works and touches of the ball, the second, a classic: the continuous races. There will be many this preseason, all controlled by the toc-toc of Profe, relentless.

The first session of Atlético 2018-19 ended at 21:05. The utilleros began to distribute the mats on the lawn. Another to stretch. Pablo Vercellone, trainer of red-and-white goalkeepers, spoke with Adam. Five minutes of affectionate talk with his new goalkeeper.

Modric: “My wish was for Cristiano to stay”

The Croatian midfielder has talked about his chances of winning the Golden Ball: “For me it’s not important, I already said it, my only wish is to raise the cup for Croatia.”

Final: “For a country like Croatia it’s something historic to be in a World Cup final”

Disrespect from England: “You always have to respect other teams and have both feet on the ground, but no matter what others say, we are focused on our own, but it is a motivation when you see that they talk so much nonsense. They are wrong because this team has a great character and we showed it again “.

Match: “We have to be proud of the second half and the extension, it seems that when the match progresses we improve physically and that is impressive”.

France: “We have a very tough opponent in the final, I think it’s harder than England, I think it’s the toughest opponent in this World Cup.”

Cristiano: “I said that Cristiano would stay because it was my desire, I did not know anything, Cristiano is unique and it’s a shame he leaves, I wish him well, except when he plays against Madrid.” I appreciate everything he did for Madrid ” .

Golden Ball: “For me it’s not important, I already said it, my only wish is to raise the cup for Croatia.”

A promise: “If we win all the equipment we will paint our hair”.


Valencia The emotional letter of Gonzalo Villar in his farewell to Valencia

Gonzalo Villar is already a player of Elche. The boy signed yesterday his new employment relationship after the dust unleashed in the negotiation process of the extension of contract with Valencia. After a hard attack by the club, which has expelled him from the quarry and has set him as an example of what Valencia will not allow, Villar said goodbye yesterday with a heartfelt and painful letter from the club of Mestalla. He recognizes being badly advised and making bad decisions. He recognizes his own mistakes, but he insists: “I am not a money carrier.
Farewell letter.

“After spending the worst summer of my life, it’s time to say goodbye, today I say goodbye to Valencia CF and I can say openly that I do it with great sadness because a decision for being badly advised led some club members to decide that my stage here was over, there was no turning back.

I want you to know that this is not what I wanted, much less, but life is like that and I have to demonstrate in another club the type of player I am.

You will have read that I am branded as a nickname … and who knows a minimum both my family and me laughs at such nonsense.

To thank each and every employee of the club because they always treated me wonderfully, and I would like to make a special mention to my friend Viti, an amazing person who is an example of overcoming.

I am grateful to each and every one of the coaches and technical coaches that I have had since I arrived, but I feel the need to highlight Miguel Grau above all, to achieve that on the basis of work he became a complete player, as to his technical staff. Thank you.

I have written this letter with real sadness because I feel that I am leaving the club without having fulfilled the dream I had since I arrived, which was to be a player of the first team of Valencia, but I think that this situation will make me a better player and will help me make better decisions in the future. A hug and thank you very much. GV “

Eibar Álex Moreno, closer to Eibar

Álex Moreno has many options to become the second addition to Eibar. The caution with which a few weeks ago faced the operation has given way to a contained optimism and in the Barça entity they trust in being able to close the transfer before the Austrian stage that will take place between the 21 and the 29 of July.

The Eibar has marked in red the name of the Catalan side for several months, but the harsh demands of Rayo Vallecano complicated their landing in Ipurua. However, the gunsmith set has managed to smooth the asperities and today the differences have been minimized considerably.Has learned, the predisposition of the defender to dress Barça have paved some negotiations to which the Rayo Vallecano could give the go-ahead provided that the Eibar include in the operation to Gálvez y Bebé, two players who do not enter the plans José Luis Mendilibar and that are liked by the technical team of the franjirrojo.

The option to pay the 7 million clause is discarded and the Basque club sees feasible to close the operation for an amount of between 2 and 4 kilos.Girona and Betis have also knocked on the door of the footballer, but Eibar has caught the front and everything points to if Moreno leaves Vallecas is to land in Ipurua.

The Catalan would arrive to replace David Juncà on the left side, where he would compete for a position with José Ángel. It is one of the positions in which reinforcement is most urgent and Eibar is convinced that Moreno would adapt perfectly to the libretto of a Mendilibar that wants deep laterals and with the ability to join the attack.

With the start of the preseason around the corner, activities have intensified in the offices of Ipurua and the Sports Direction will carry out in the coming days a new offensive in order to reach an agreement with Rayo Vallecano. The tricks of Baby and Gálvez could cheapen an operation that is getting closer and closer to reaching a good port.

Guedes increases in value despite his discreet World Cup

The future of Gonçalo Guedes is already being defined. Yes now. The Portuguese winger, once he has finished his participation in the World Cup, goes on vacation but lives pending his mysterious future. Guedes has been very present in the World Cup since he has been a starter in the four games that the Portuguese team has played but his performance has not been as expected. Rather discreet.

However, the market value with which the World Cup started has nothing to do with the current one. It has increased significantly. Although on the eve of the football event was valued at 68.7 million euros, once finished his participation has amounted to 74.4 kilos. It is a contrast of situations. Not in vain, there are other stars of the world who, by doing a more than discreet performance, have lost value.

The player is awaiting the decision making of the PSG. Valencia launched its offer some time ago. Close to 40 kilos and waiting for the World Cup not shoot your quote. Their actions have not been as for that, but it is true that their market value continues to rise according to Cies Observatory.