The Athletic 2018-19 begins

Diego Pablo Simeone counted on the return to work with nine players of the first team, plus Savic, who stayed in the gym, and 17 homegrown.

The sun began to fall in Majadahonda when a taxi asked for a pass to the entrance of the rojiblanca Sports City: in it traveled Oblak, the last soccer player to arrive at the beginning of the Atlético preseason. 19:37 Since 19:30 the others were already on the grass. With changes in the coaching staff (Vizcaíno and Tiago losses, Nelson Vivas high), changes in the team of Profe Ortega (the loss of Iván Díaz Infantes, the recovery of Uruguayan Alfredo Garodiche) and change in the players: the absence of Gabi, of Torres (of the same Tiago although his place was now another), the presence of two new Adam and Rodri, in addition to Juanfran, Thomas, Correa, Vitolo and Vietto and Gameiro, both present in Madrid although their future seems far from the Athletic.

Along with them, in addition, 17 of quarry: San Román and Dos Santos (goalkeepers); Solano, Carlos Isaac, Tachi, Manny, Montero, Aitor (defenses); Toni Moyá, Olabe, Pinchi, Carro, Joaquín, Mollejo (midfielders), Camel, Cédric and Garcés (strikers).

Ten minutes later Oblak was already going down the ramp, dressed in purple, pink stripe, to join the others. Only Savic, of the aforementioned, stayed in the gym, doing alternative work, recovering after his pubalgia operation in May. First he warmed up with Óscar Menendez, second of the Profe, then joined the others. The first part of the session were proprioception works and touches of the ball, the second, a classic: the continuous races. There will be many this preseason, all controlled by the toc-toc of Profe, relentless.

The first session of Atlético 2018-19 ended at 21:05. The utilleros began to distribute the mats on the lawn. Another to stretch. Pablo Vercellone, trainer of red-and-white goalkeepers, spoke with Adam. Five minutes of affectionate talk with his new goalkeeper.

Modric: “My wish was for Cristiano to stay”

The Croatian midfielder has talked about his chances of winning the Golden Ball: “For me it’s not important, I already said it, my only wish is to raise the cup for Croatia.”

Final: “For a country like Croatia it’s something historic to be in a World Cup final”

Disrespect from England: “You always have to respect other teams and have both feet on the ground, but no matter what others say, we are focused on our own, but it is a motivation when you see that they talk so much nonsense. They are wrong because this team has a great character and we showed it again “.

Match: “We have to be proud of the second half and the extension, it seems that when the match progresses we improve physically and that is impressive”.

France: “We have a very tough opponent in the final, I think it’s harder than England, I think it’s the toughest opponent in this World Cup.”

Cristiano: “I said that Cristiano would stay because it was my desire, I did not know anything, Cristiano is unique and it’s a shame he leaves, I wish him well, except when he plays against Madrid.” I appreciate everything he did for Madrid ” .

Golden Ball: “For me it’s not important, I already said it, my only wish is to raise the cup for Croatia.”

A promise: “If we win all the equipment we will paint our hair”.