Atalanta, Gasperini: “Our best race: cheering! And with the new stadium …”

The Bergamo coach analyzes the success on the grenade: “Great reaction after Larajic’s equal, but today we wanted to win”

Gian Piero Gasperini laughs. His Atalanta has bypassed Milan, is now sixth and finally sees Europe. The Bergamo coach analyzes the 2-1 at Turin and smiles: “I think today’s was the best match of our season for the maturity and safety we showed on the pitch.” Everything is even better because we played against a team as strong as Torino.The only episode that I did not understand from the bench is Ljajic’s goal: I’ll see him again, but there was a great reaction, because today we wanted to win “.

Enthusiasm – Today’s three points deliver unlikely European chances until yesterday. But the collapse of Milan makes you dream: “Back in Europe? There are still four fundamental games, the group is very solid, some absences have weighed, but nothing has changed: those who played today has been decisive and brought freshness. a strong team in the head even before the legs.I try to keep everything masked, but I’m happy as the players and as our audience, just the great enthusiasm that our fans send us was decisive, especially on a hot day like today in which it is not easy to play for 90 minutes with this intensity “. Last stop on the stadium: “It will be a fantastic goal, the city can not wait, there is a great identity with the team, the stadium will be a jewel for everyone .. The company would like to do it right away, but the bureaucracy delays”. At Sky Sports in the studio you joke about a possible dedication of the stadium to the Piedmontese technician who laughs and glides …

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