Athletic Mikel Rico and Balenziaga, veterans in difficulties

Berizzo continues making tests to assemble his numerous pieces in the game idea he has in mind. There is a month left for the start of LaLiga and the only confirmed start has been that of Vesga. The focus of discards always seems to be directed towards the meritorious ones and those who return from assignments. But the preseason can bring more than one out of players who have experience and gallons.

The most surprising case can be that of Mikel Balenziaga. The Zumarraga, undisputed left-back since his return in 2013, is seriously jeopardized its continuity after the arrival of Ganea and, especially, Berchiche, called to be the owner on that flank, and with the puppy Andoni Lopez pushing from behind. He has one year left on his contract, after the renewal he signed in 2015 (35 million clause). The Valladolid, where he left so good between 2011 and 2013, is very attentive to what is brewing in the offices around a footballer who can not be denied sacrifice and commitment.

All in all, the center of the field is the one that has the most unexpected movements. It is the plot that received the most criticism last year and the most populated one. Not all midfielders will fit in the 4-3-3 Berizzo proposes, who will not tremble if he has to reform a machine room in which the average age is high: Mikel Rico (33), Beñat ( 31), Iturraspe and San José (29 both). All have only one year of contract, except Igorre (2020), who is the best poster has together with Mikel Rico, for whom the Huesca sighs.

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