Bonucci is with Buffon: “I had been in Madrid I would not have stopped my instincts”

The Rossoneri captain at Premium: “Gigi was the greatest goalkeeper in the history of football, Gigio can become one, he has to stay that way: light and without pressure”

Leonardo Bonucci does not deny his past. The captain rossonero defends Buffon after the polemics on the statements of the Juventus parigrado after Madrid. “Perhaps, if I had been in Madrid, I would not have been able to curb my instincts, Gigi is the greatest goalkeeper in the history of football”.

Gigio – And at Milan’s house there is the designated heir of Buffon: “The point of yesterday was important, so I exulted at Gigio’s parade as if he scored a goal, he had the same value. First I was lucky to have Buffon, who was the best, now there is Donnarumma who can become one. Gigio must stay that way, light, without feeling the pressure. In this way it can really grow. The reversal of Ronaldo and the parade of Gigio, two great technical gestures “.

Growth – The Milan defender talked to Premium Sport about the moment of the team: “She has grown and is still growing, we had problems in the first few months, but now we are slow, we did not understand where the we made mistakes and that’s why we did not get better, then we grew up and spent a lot of energies in the run-up “.

Gattuso – And before the last matches everyone believed in the Champions comeback: “I was hoping for a comeback, it means that we have become more team to make the definitive leap in quality.We improved in the defensive phase.When an attacker is 20 meters from us defenders, it reduces the space for the others and facilitates our task, all of this is thanks to Mr. Gattuso who has instilled in us this way of defending and looking for game plots that have allowed us to be third parties in the second round “.

The band – A joke also on the captain’s band: “I made myself available and I hope to do the best, I always tried to be myself, I did good things and other less good, but I’m happy to have brought experience to a very young group I am very happy to be the Milan captain “.

Next Engagement – on Wednesday the Rossoneri will be away on duty against Torino: “After a difficult period, they have recovered well, they play well and will need attention, but we have to win by force”. europa – On the Italians in Europe: “I’m happy for Roma and sorry for Juventus, given that making 3 goals at the Bernabeu is not something that often happens.The final episode does not stain a great performance for everyone”.

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