Bonucci: “Juventus champion of Europe without me? It would have been a blow”

The captain rossonero Tiki Taka: “Qualifying Champions at Milan? The expectations at the beginning of the season were those.It is now difficult but it is not a utopia”

Milan, the past, the ambitions and the Champions. Bonucci speaks to 360 degrees during the Tiki Taka transmission and does not hold back: “Vote for the Milan season so far? Six and a half.” The goal was to return to the Champions League? The expectations were those, I accepted this challenge with this dream of being able to play the Champions League with Milan, but it is difficult now, but we are still in the running and it is not a utopia, of course we should win all of them from here to the end What would I be willing to do if we had to go to the Champions League? I could shave my blonde beard. ”

Remorse – Bonucci looks back, the Cup finals lost with Juventus are still bad: “We were great even if when you get there it would be better to win it .. The final Cardiff did more harm than that of Berlin. to be stronger than Real who had not made an exciting fireplace, but in the second half they put us in great difficulty: If Juventus had won the Champions League without me this year? On a personal level it would have been a big blow but I had put in the preventive because Juventus remains a strong team regardless of me.I’m sorry for Gigi and for Giorgio and for all the boys because they deserved it, being 3-0 in Madrid is not for everyone “.

Disappointment – “Annoyed by the whistles of the fans of Juventus? No, they charged me more, I am for freedom of expression then the fan pays the ticket and can do it, I am a player who always puts his face. I’ve always done it at Juventus, it’s part of my character and Milan even more because I’m the captain, but it’s not a burden, when it’s important to protect the one that matters most In front of everyone, I really did not play against Napoli, I gave everything to Juventus and I will do the same every time I wear the Milan shirt, better at defense in three or four? I have a more limited field section, I was born playing four with Ventura “.

Mister – The Rossoneri have resumed winning and convincing with the change on the bench: “From a physical point of view something has changed with Gattuso? Every coach has his own idea of ​​football Montella brought AC Milan back to Europe and I think that’s enough for tell him thank you, but this season something got stuck in the gear and we were really ugly to see the championship still open – Napoli still have some chances but Juventus has still proved to be a great team with players out of the norm. he feels Juve’s mentality, just like the Milan mentality feels now when he talks about Gattuso “.

Young – Gattuso has raised several young Rossoneri: “How strong is Donnarumma? It is strong but has plenty of room for improvement, so I often stimulate him by attacking him a little when he makes some mistakes.” The insult a little bit but affectionately, knows that I do it for his own good.The material is there but we still have to work on it to make it unique Reina can do her second I do not see why they can not coexist Cutrone I like it because I see myself again in him. sometimes it must be redirected to the right path but it is one of those young Italian talents that will make its way “.

Rest – Did Napoli come down when it came out of the cups? “He has had a normal downturn but there is still a direct fight, a little rest is always for everyone, I personally play more and better, and I recharge myself in the winter break. why do you think about that race every day and build tension “.

Europa – Rome’s comeback? “It was exciting and fun to see her from the outside, I congratulate Di Francesco for the tactical move and for the aggressiveness that the team has put in. With Liverpool, Rome plays it, I do a big good luck to the Rome also for the many national team mates.

Defend Gigi – Buffon’s protests? In this long career I think Gigi has built a perfect image of the player. He never complained, he never pointed at others and was always an element of aggregation. The words of Madrid are the result of a frustration of something that has remained unfinished. I’m sorry because winning the Champions would have been the icing on the cake of a perfect career “.

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