Celta goes into the rush: limit ten days to meet the future coach

As reporteda few days ago, Celta has clear deadlines to announce the name of the coach who will occupy Balaídos’ bench next season. If nothing gets twisted, this will happen the week after the conclusion of the light championship.
Unzué, who has already said that he will not say anything about his future until the end of the championship – next Saturday, the 19th against Levante – will be when he confirms his departure, something that is well known.
In fact, the sports director, Felipe Miñambres, has been talking to different technicians in Spain and South America for two weeks. In the executive list appear names like Jorge Almirón, Coudet, Careca, Óscar García, Garitano or Pellegrini. With this last one there are some doubts about his football proposal, although he likes the character that he prints to his teams.
These names and one more will be placed on the table by Miñambres next week. The sports director will express his opinion and the decision will be taken by the president, Carlos Mouriño, and its general director, Antonio Chaves. It will then be the moment to close the agreement with the coach and communicate it to the board of directors.
The intention is to make official the name of the coach in the first days of the week after the conclusion of the league championship, approximately in ten days. Shortly after it is officially confirmed that Unzué will not fulfill his second year of contract at Celta.
The club is in a hurry to close its coach for next season. Several teams seek technician within the same profile as the vigueses and also need to continue with the preparation of a template that will have several new features next year.

Sports Miguel Otero will stand for election

Miguel Otero, former president of the Federation of Peñas del Deportivo, has submitted eleven thousand shares, just over six percent of the share capital of the entity, to force the directive of Dépor has convened a Shareholders’ Meeting and to vote on the renewal of the Board of Directors. “We are showing the popular feeling, there is a terrible malaise due to a disastrous management of the Council and we transfer that complaint institutionally,” said Otero himself, who confirmed that he will be the person who will stand for the presidency.

The actions will arrive at the club’s headquarters in the next hours from a notary in the city. For Miguel Otero, June should be the month in which the elections were held, to have time to prepare the project for the next season, in which the Galician side will compete in the Second Division. What he did not want to reveal the possible candidate to succeed Tino Fernández is who will be the people who accompany him or what are the main lines of his project. That he wants to do in a few days.

Athletic The Muniain jump

The defeat of Anoeta supposed a greater punishment for Raul Garci’a and De Marcos, who will not be able to be aligned on Saturday before the Betis by accumulation of admonitions. The fall of Raúl García leaves the lions without their top scorer. Also without the header midfielder. And the gap left by the Navarrese falls into the arms of Muniain, who has not played since the start since he recovered from the torn ligaments he suffered on September 28 in the right knee. I would start 219 days after doing it for the last time.

Ziganda has taken care of his return to the pitch – five consecutive games and never more than half an hour – and now he is shuffling a screen shot for the Navarrese imp. Especially since the departure of Aketxe to Toronto is the only specialist in the squad to play in the playmaker.

The return of Muniain is being exemplary in terms of the physical response of the player. He received medical discharge and reappeared at just six months of his injury and the return to normal dynamics has not caused any muscle injury. Warned of the need for recovery because a couple of years ago had to go through the same in the other knee, the footballer has taken the turn with less anxiety than then. He said that from the first day is handled without fear or uncertainty. His capacity for sacrifice in the long and hard training of rehabilitation have done the rest.
Setién, on the bullseye

The ownership in San Mamés is one of the small prizes that Muniain can leave the season. When it fell on September 28, few would bet that it would start any of the games of the course from the beginning.

The return to the initial formation would cross to Munian with Setién, of which it has good memory of the last time that they saw themselves in San Mamés. The Navarrese was among the elect of Valverde that on April 14, 2017 they faced Las Palmas that the Cantabrian then directed. The Lions won 5-1 and Munian made his first double in the category.

Five challenges for the final sprint of Betis

With the European classification in the pocket since last Monday, Betis faces the last three days of the championship with several goals. Some, of group, like sealing the fifth place or establishing new records for the club. Others, invidivuales, with the canary Rubén Castro as protagonist. And there are also some sentimental characters, with the last Sevillian derby of the course on the horizon …

The fifth place

Due to prestige and economic issues arising from the distribution of television rights of the centralized sale of LaLiga, Betis seeks to consolidate the fifth position in the classification it currently occupies, with five and 11 points respectively over Villarreal and Sevilla, both with a match less. The difference between the fifth and the sixth place exceeds 6 million euros in revenue.

The best Betis of the century

The Verdiblancos are one win away from equaling their best score so far this century. With 59 points they have reached the record they achieved in 2001-02, with Juande on the bench, and they are only three points out of the 62 that they added in 2004-05, led by Serra Ferrer. That year, this score allowed them to qualify for the Champions League.

A for the goal-scorer record

With 56 goals scored in the 35 league games played to date, Setién’s have already equaled the number they achieved in the 2002-03 season and are a bit short of tracing the 2012-13 record. The record so far in the 21st century, which they achieved in the 2004-05 campaign with 62 goals, is a shot of six. They need an average of

Rubén Castro, for Rincón

The circumstances of the last matches and the tough competition up front have prevented Rubén Castro from enjoying too many minutes of play. But the possibility of equaling or exceeding the record of goals of Poli Rincon, with 78 goals with Betis First, is in the mind of Setién, who seeks the ideal time for the canary to have his chance.

And of course, the derby …

After the 3-5 of the first round, the Verdiblancos seek to endorse their great course with another victory against their eternal rival in Benito Villamarín, on the penultimate day of the championship. A match in which the Nervionians could be even playing the European classification, depending on what they do this Friday against Real and on Wednesday in the game postponed against Real Madrid.two goals per match to reach it.

William Carvalho saved for the derby

All cares are few with William Carvalho and so the clinical situation of Sporting’s 26 year old is being managed with tweezers. Away from the competition since April 5, the Portuguese international must still miss the game with Portimonense on Saturday, being saved for the derby with Benfica, very important to define the final classification of the lions in the League and that takes place on day 5 of May.

Muscle injury in the left thigh has prevented William Carvalho from being the option for coach Jorge Jesus since he had to leave midway through the Madrid game with Atlético of the quarter-finals of the Europa League (0-2). From there, five games without the 14 jersey – Paços de Ferreira, Atlético de Madrid (second leg), Belenenses, FC Porto (Portuguese Cup) and Boavista – five victories but the absence of a player that is very important for the team’s maneuver.

Thursday is three weeks since the injury. The prognosis for the recovery was three to four weeks, but caution that the average is saved for the next day, such as the incarnated and that can define, at least, who has the second place of the championship and entry in the Champions League. And the millions …

«Belotti will not continue unless a foreign club pays 100 million euros»

Andrea Belotti was one of the main figures of Seria A last season scoring 26 goals in 35 games.

The striker is coveted by several clubs and, this Wednesday, the president of Torino has once again stated that the player only leaves the club for 100 million euros.

“I still believe Belotti a lot. He was very unlucky this year. I defend him because of the injuries he suffered, no doubt affecting his performance, “he began by telling Tuttosport.

“We have to analyze your time coldly, support it and expect it to return to the best level. Belotti just does not stay in Torino if a foreign club pays 100 million euros, “he said.

Atalanta-Turin 2-1, Gasperini bypasses Milan and flies to 6th place

With the goals of Freuler and Gosens, the Bergamo beat the bull which is not enough for the momentary equal of Ljajic and break into the Europa zone

Overtaking successful, and running. Atalanta does not fail the opportunity opened by k.o. inside Milan and take the sixth place beating a minor Torino. Two head shots in the first seven minutes from situations of corner, only moments in which it manages to fill the opposing area, are the only signs of life of Torino in the first half, which soon escapes the control of Mazzarri’s team.
atalanta diesel – The Atalanta, which starts too soft, raises pace and center of gravity after a Papu left in the 12 ‘that wakes up the Bergamo. The Goddess begins to occupy the opposing midfield and creates mass hazards. At 18 ‘Gosens cross, Freuler on the far post puts in the middle of the head and Rincon must sweep in front of Sirigu. The goalkeeper grenade shows a little Freuler’s right-footed shot in the 19 ‘after one-two at the limit with Barrow, then he must go out to intercept a Gosens cross addressed to the young striker at 23’. Still Barrow protagonist on three occasions in sequence: right before the 29 ‘(Sirigu blocks), dribbling to follow and left on the first post (Sirigu gets there by foot, then Hateboer raises the target), and still control and shooting from central position (Sirigu rejects with open hands). Unique extemporaneous thrill in the Atalanta area, a pressure from Ljajic on Berisha who returns to the Serbian body and from there to the bottom.

Atalanta, Gasperini: “Our best race: cheering! And with the new stadium …”

The Bergamo coach analyzes the success on the grenade: “Great reaction after Larajic’s equal, but today we wanted to win”

Gian Piero Gasperini laughs. His Atalanta has bypassed Milan, is now sixth and finally sees Europe. The Bergamo coach analyzes the 2-1 at Turin and smiles: “I think today’s was the best match of our season for the maturity and safety we showed on the pitch.” Everything is even better because we played against a team as strong as Torino.The only episode that I did not understand from the bench is Ljajic’s goal: I’ll see him again, but there was a great reaction, because today we wanted to win “.

Enthusiasm – Today’s three points deliver unlikely European chances until yesterday. But the collapse of Milan makes you dream: “Back in Europe? There are still four fundamental games, the group is very solid, some absences have weighed, but nothing has changed: those who played today has been decisive and brought freshness. a strong team in the head even before the legs.I try to keep everything masked, but I’m happy as the players and as our audience, just the great enthusiasm that our fans send us was decisive, especially on a hot day like today in which it is not easy to play for 90 minutes with this intensity “. Last stop on the stadium: “It will be a fantastic goal, the city can not wait, there is a great identity with the team, the stadium will be a jewel for everyone .. The company would like to do it right away, but the bureaucracy delays”. At Sky Sports in the studio you joke about a possible dedication of the stadium to the Piedmontese technician who laughs and glides …

Marega available to return to eleven

After being in good form in the classic against Benfica, Marega did not leave the bench in the match with Sporting.

It was, however, a precautionary measure, so the Malian forward will be in a position to return to eleven in the match with V. Setúbal, scheduled for Monday.

At the end of the game of Alvalade, Sérgio Conceição has not yet concealed any apprehension about the clinical state of Soares, but despite the natural frame of fatigue that presents, the forward will also be in a position to play with the sadinos.

Bonucci is with Buffon: “I had been in Madrid I would not have stopped my instincts”

The Rossoneri captain at Premium: “Gigi was the greatest goalkeeper in the history of football, Gigio can become one, he has to stay that way: light and without pressure”

Leonardo Bonucci does not deny his past. The captain rossonero defends Buffon after the polemics on the statements of the Juventus parigrado after Madrid. “Perhaps, if I had been in Madrid, I would not have been able to curb my instincts, Gigi is the greatest goalkeeper in the history of football”.

Gigio – And at Milan’s house there is the designated heir of Buffon: “The point of yesterday was important, so I exulted at Gigio’s parade as if he scored a goal, he had the same value. First I was lucky to have Buffon, who was the best, now there is Donnarumma who can become one. Gigio must stay that way, light, without feeling the pressure. In this way it can really grow. The reversal of Ronaldo and the parade of Gigio, two great technical gestures “.

Growth – The Milan defender talked to Premium Sport about the moment of the team: “She has grown and is still growing, we had problems in the first few months, but now we are slow, we did not understand where the we made mistakes and that’s why we did not get better, then we grew up and spent a lot of energies in the run-up “.

Gattuso – And before the last matches everyone believed in the Champions comeback: “I was hoping for a comeback, it means that we have become more team to make the definitive leap in quality.We improved in the defensive phase.When an attacker is 20 meters from us defenders, it reduces the space for the others and facilitates our task, all of this is thanks to Mr. Gattuso who has instilled in us this way of defending and looking for game plots that have allowed us to be third parties in the second round “.

The band – A joke also on the captain’s band: “I made myself available and I hope to do the best, I always tried to be myself, I did good things and other less good, but I’m happy to have brought experience to a very young group I am very happy to be the Milan captain “.

Next Engagement – on Wednesday the Rossoneri will be away on duty against Torino: “After a difficult period, they have recovered well, they play well and will need attention, but we have to win by force”. europa – On the Italians in Europe: “I’m happy for Roma and sorry for Juventus, given that making 3 goals at the Bernabeu is not something that often happens.The final episode does not stain a great performance for everyone”.