“I’m going to muddle up and offend my dignity”

I’m going to muddle up and offend my dignity – Ivo Vieira

Following the suspicions surrounding his team after the matches with FC Porto and SC Braga, Estoril coach Ivo Vieira countered all criticism.

“To demean me and to offend my dignity is not. I also do not admit that they do this to my players. I was offended by commentators and I like some of these programs, but it was on behalf of third party interests. Stop thinking about where Portuguese football is going. If I have to, I’ll walk alone and go home to my wife, “said the technician, annoyed by the criticism.

Estoril suffered four consecutive defeats.

“We have to turn the page and we will not give up our identity. There are nine games remaining and we will fight for the points. The Boavista are a complicated team and we have to be effective in attack and defense, “said the coach who has the worst defense of the championship.

“I did not care if I had the same goals, if I had doubled.”

The Estoril delegation, with Ailton in doubt, departs this Friday, to the north. Gonçalo Santos and Thiago are confirmed casualties. The coach did not call any element of training for today’s training.

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