Image blow, but also the budget hole! The amount that Barcelona loses after the OLYMPIC DEZASTER

AS Roma 3-0 Barcelona / The Italians managed what they were anticipating: returning the result 1-4 of the tour and qualifying in the UEFA Champions League semifinals.

Barcelona is living a harsh humiliation for a club of such a size. The Catalans were practically qualified in their pockets, but they were eliminated after a magic night on the Olympics. Beyond the blow, Barcelona also has a financial one.

MundoDeportivo calculated Barcelona’s losses with the elimination of Rome. according to Spanish journalists’ calculations, the Catalans lose 10 million euros in tickets, the market pool, and the UEFA bonus for semi-finals.

The other 5 million promised by the main sponsor for winning the UEFA Champions League have been removed from the list, as well as the 30 million Messi and his colleagues would have cashed if Barcelona could win the Champions League, the Champions League.

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