Iniesta: “I would not be surprised if Neymar signed for Madrid”

The Barcelona player spent Wednesday on the microphones of El Larguero of the SER and talked about his future at La Roja and the sensations ahead of the World Cup in Russia.

Is it going to be strange to face Messi on Tuesday?

Yes. For those of us who are on the same team as him and are used to sharing almost every day with him, it will be weird. But in the end everyone will look for theirs. Although it is a friendly match, it is a match to continue growing as a national team. Hopefully we can do two great games.

Is it better to prepare the World Cup against great powers like Germany or Argentina?

Yes. Each game is different, but there is no doubt that these two games demand different things from you than other rivals. And for us as a group it helps us to try to keep doing things right.

There is talk of his possible goodbye to Barcelona. And with the Selection?

By moment and by nature it is possibly my last appearance with the National Team. For the moment and for everything. It’s similar to what can happen to me in my club. I do not want to be around. I do not have the need to be in the sites because I was who I was. My vision has changed and that is the question.

In the National Team has someone told you something about this matter?

Someone makes a joke. That if I go or not. Nor have I confessed to anyone what I am going to do. In the Selection there are also people that I have known for a long time and we share things.

What touches in Russia? What sensations do you have?

This World Cup is difficult to know what is going to happen, but it gives us a very good feeling after the classification we have done and how we are doing things. The World Cup in Brazil and the Eurocup in France gave us a tremendous touch to not go now with our feet on the ground. The World Cups show you that if you do not do things right, you do not keep moving forward.

Are there many things around the National Team?

We are preparing the two matches we have now, which are very nice. It is understood that every time an appointment like this one is approaching, we must take the opportunity to take photos, announcements and things with which we also have to comply.

Would you like your farewell to the National Team to be different from others?

I dream that my farewell was the one we all dream of (winning the World Cup). But beyond that, everything else remains. We go to the World Cup with great enthusiasm and, if we do things right, we will have options to fight.

What do you feel looking back?

Pride and privilege of having been part of the best years of the National Team and being an important player within these years.

Do you like to play in the National Team with or without nine?

It does not affect me in the sense that the important thing about this question is the variety that the Selection has. There will be times when it suits us to play more in one way or another. It’s a great luck to have a Selection like the one the coach has.

Would you be surprised to see Neymar in Madrid?

Honestly no. It’s not that I’m surprised or not. It does not matter to me. I do not want it to be seen as disrespectful. It’s not something we’re thinking about. Madrid would be signing one of the best in the world, but Barcelona would still have a staff that I consider better than the others.

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