Milan, Gattuso: “The referee can make mistakes like any other player”

The Milan coach is proud of his: “We showed great solidity, I liked the personality of the team”

Gennaro Gattuso can not be happy. He has also played in the United Kingdom (in Scotland, with the Rangers shirt in the ’97 / ’98 season) and has touched English fair play. He who did not want to believe when he saw the referee Eriksson indicate the spot on the 38th minute. His Milan took the lead at the Emirates Stadium and was putting pressure on Wenger’s Arsenal. Here, from here he wants to restart the Rossoneri coach. From the attitude of Bonucci and his teammates to three-quarters of the race: “I’m proud of my guys and the performance we did in this stadium, we lost the shift at home, what really made me angry is that we do not have to We must play 90. I am nervous about the final result: we must not give up like we did tonight, taking the 3-1 final “.

the penalty for the arsenal – A hint to the offense penalty, however, does: “The players are wrong and, therefore, the referees can also make mistakes.” I do not want to talk about their work tonight. Then a few words on the singles: “Kalinic did not do the preparation, when he is physically good he can give us a big hand, we have three worthy strikers, I will make them rotate, they just have to be ready and work very seriously”. Donnarumma was not precise about the second goal of the Gunners: “Gigio has to raise his head, it was a single episode, he must not be put off, he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. the rumors of Reina’s arrival or not “. The conclusion is aimed at the season finale: “There are no league matches and an Italian Cup final, we are a young team: we can certainly do more, we showed great solidity tonight and I liked the team’s personality”.

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