Óliver: a magical night, the best goal and the unmissable goal

The collective achievements are more important and it is in the certainty that, in the end, FC Porto will celebrate the title, which the Spaniard supports, at a stage where he does not start and is still waiting to make a debut.

Óliver Torres is the only player on the roster from the start and still does not know what to score. Hence, keep your focus on progressing and evolving towards being a better and more complete player. While this is not enough, it matters that the team wins.

He has just completed 100 matches for FC Porto. What was the most marked?

-There was a magic day, Champions game, with Bayern [15/04/2015], where we won 3-1. It was an incredible game, a game of those that make us feel special as professionals. It was a magical night.

And the best of the 10 goals you scored?

– All goals are special, but the first [3-0 victory over Moreirense, 08/31/2014] marked me more, to celebrate, to see the affection of the people … The truth is that this was the more special.

Remember the premiere?

– I remember well, was against the Maritime [15/08/2014]. It was amazing. And it’s amazing to do 100 blue and white games. Make me proud. This is more than I ever imagined. As a child, I could not even imagine that I could achieve such goals. In fact, I want to thank my family, my brothers, my friends and my girlfriend too, because they are always present, especially during bad times. All I got is thanks to them.

At the beginning of the season, he said in an interview with THE GAME that he liked to improve the finals [10 goals in 100 games]. Still have that goal?

– Yes, I keep the objective of improving the finalization. But I am sure that I will improve and that the day will come when I will score many goals. I am aware that I have to improve this and I will work to be better every day, every training, every game. I’m 23 years old and I still have time to improve.

FC Porto have now returned  to the victories. Was it important, after the misstep in Paços de Ferreira?

– It was a difficult game. We had to come in strong and we did. The team was packed and made a great game. The fans were with us, as they have always been. They were magical. I am sure that together we will achieve the goal we want.

Game by game, this objective [title] is closer. Do you still believe with all your strength that you will be champions?

– Yes absolutely yes. We are first in the standings and nobody wants the title any more than we do.

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