Elustondo and Odriozola, as in the old days

The decision of Imanol Alguacil to advance against Eibar the position of Alvaro Odriozola, to give entry to Aritz Elustondo on the right side, allowed both youth players to share the right wing of Real Sociedad in the First Division, more than three years after they did it in the subsidiary, before the one from Beasain came up with the majors and propitiated that the Donostiarra was delayed to a position in which he had become international with Spain.

Odriozola appeared at the Sanse in the 2013-14 season, when he played on the right wing in the youth team, with the one now on loan at Leganés Joseba Zaldua occupying the right side of the subsidiary defense and Aritz Elustondo acting as central.

The Beasain would then go to the position of lateral, to promote his partner to the staff of First Division, and in the subsequent course he and the now absolute international would share a band in some games, with the disputed against Barakaldo or Socuéllamos, with Pablo’s permission Hervías and Joseba Muguruza, who at that time had more weight than Álvaro.

The injuries of Carlos Martínez and Dani Estrada led to the arrival of the elite in Zaldua, in that 2013-14, and the physical problems in the later course of this and the Navarrese, the rise of Aritz, being then when Imanol Alguacil decided to delay Odriozola to the defense, line in which he managed to explode soon after.

The technician Oriotarra, perfectly aware of what both players can offer, opted for his debut in Ipurua to remember old times in the Sanse and place for the first time in the elite to Odriozola as far right, to accommodate from behind Aritz , with the idea of ​​reinforcing that band, one of the main offensive assets of Eibar, returning to coincide both together with the line of lime, more than three years later.

Everything seems to indicate that this is an isolated event and it seems likely that the decision to put Aritz back on the side and overtake Álvaro was taken by Imanol only to visit Eibar, and that this Sunday, even more so playing in Anoeta, the Absolute international will return to its position.

Aritz, from the stand at eleven

Aritz returned in Eibar to the Real’s starting team, after four consecutive games without minutes, the last of Eusebio’s stage remaining even in the stands without convoking, in the match against Getafe in Anoeta. Some fans asked the pucelano to place 15 on the right side, to strengthen the back, and they fulfilled their wish with Imanol. The work of the beasaindarra should not have been bad, since the realistic fans voted him in the web of the club like the most outstanding player of the encounter.

The Eibar, in the hands of Kike García

The injuries of Charles and Enrich fill him with responsibility at the peak moment

The Eibar is entrusted to the goals of Kike Garcia to continue dreaming in a European key. With Sergi Enrich and Charles Dias in the infirmary, the continental ticket will depend to a large extent on the scoring inspiration of the Manchego striker, the only attacker available to José Luis Mendilibar in the momentous encounter that will be played by the armourer on Saturday at Benito Villamarín.

Since his appearance in Ipurua, he has been a player who has had the confidence of the coach, but he has never been seen in an equal. The six weeks that will be Charles in the dry dock and the complications that have occurred in the recovery of Enrich have left him alone before the danger. The manchego is forced to take a step forward.

The challenge that lies ahead is huge and full of responsibility. He is the top scorer of Eibar in the second round, but all the goals he has done this season have been with another forward at his side. Now he will have to learn to survive alone. The European train does not wait and Kike Garcia will have to respond to the demand from the first day, because Eibar can not afford any more trips.

Second opportunity

The former Real Murcia already showed last season that the goal does not get smaller when the pressure increases. He was one of those who kept the European flame alive until the final weeks of the championship. The defeat against Athletic ended the European dream. Fate has given him a second chance and he does not want to waste it.

Athletic bag cracks without Europe

The European circuit is more than football. Athletic is preparing for a year watching the Europa League on television. It will be a strange course after appearing among the top 35 teams on the continent in the UEFA ranking. Watching the Europa League at a distance will be more than a sports problem since the club will stop entering a millionaire.

In the last two seasons, Athletic had received around 25 million euros thanks to its performance in the competition. And it is still to be computed what this course will take, which is expected between 10 and 12 million joining the revenues of the tournament and the market pool.

There is no budget item capable of equaling what the entity will lose due to its non-classification. The drop in the collection bag will force a budgetary adjustment. And it will also question the attainment of benefits for the 2018-19 season, whose accounts will fall on the results of the Directive that will prevail in the elections to be held with the entry of next year. The annual balances during the Urrutia stage have stood out for offering positive numbers that will not be possible without entering European competition.

The next exercise will compute renewals and signings (those made and those that will come), which always mean an increase in spending. The first assembly of the new Board – whether new or related to the one it now governs – will be with the inherited numbers.

10 kilos without show

In the last 10 years, Athletic has received almost 70 million euros for their European appearances, leaving the season that with Valverde was competed in the Champions as the most productive to raise 25 million euros. A budget without continental income options is a lame budget because, except for television revenues, there is no such item.

In a European season without great fanfare – the previous season Athletic went through the group stage and stayed in the round of sixteen – the club received 9.5 million euros for UEFA. It is almost double the amount estimated for the marketing of the VIP ring of San Mamés, with an expectation of 5 kilos.

The whole world will watch the derby (and San Siro will be sold out)

Forty-four broadcasters will broadcast the derby in 181 countries of the world. The catchment area is 728 million people in front of the television in addition to more or less 75,000 lucky to enjoy the show live. The world will be connected via TV but will also have its representation at the stadium: StubHub is the world’s most used platform for online ticket sales and on the site they say they have sold 63% of the tickets to foreign rossonerazzurri fans. An average doubled compared to 25-30% which usually buys from abroad. From North to South everyone will see the derby even if it is conceivable that the interest for the game can be localized to the East: in Hong Kong will fix the antenna Li Yonghong (at Milan nobody had until yesterday evening news of a lightning trip to the city of president), along the Blue River and exactly in Nanjing, Eastern China, will make the TV audience of the family of Zhang Jindong, owner of Inter. The son Steven who is living in Milan will instead be in the tribune authority. The derby will also be seen in the West, from the United States to

South America and – returning to the center – will be broadcast in Africa and almost all over Europe. Including the Baltic republics, where it will probably be snubbed: at 18 and 30 Estoni, one hour ahead of

Milan-Inter, it will play the derby of Tallin, Levadia-Kalju that will assign the temporary summit of the Meistriliiga, the highest division of the country . Also in Milan, a geographical map of connections is possible: eyes focused on the game of course at San Siro, among other events planned in the city for the late afternoon there is instead – from 19 and 30 – the mathematical aperitif, defined as an event to brains combined with some good glass. It will be held in a pub near the city of Studi, predictably half-empty until the second evening. Those who still have doubts must still move quickly: on the market remain 800 tickets of the second green ring, the same number of the first red ring and more or less another 900 of the third ring.

VALE TUTTO -Parte of the spectators of tomorrow night may have been inspired by the Instagram post by Suso which boasts 785 thousand followers. On Easter Sunday he also celebrated it by writing: “Let’s think about the derby that this time is worth everything. The rest is already behind us “, referring to the defeat against Juventus. Slotted eight minutes from Inter Milan must win to keep the Champions League alive and to keep up for the Europa League. A victory would lead Inter on the podium, third to +1 from Roma. The space in which the derby is placed is different and so is the time: a month ago the Nerazzurri were saddened by a series of draws and the defeat of Genoa, this time they are launched by eight goals in two matches useful to spread Sampdoria and Verona. Milan travels in the opposite direction: a month ago the derby would be the fourteenth match after thirteen consecutive useful results, today comes after the exclusion from the Europa League and after the defeat of Turin. Another time period instead smiles to the Rossoneri: compared to the beginning of December when the points of separation were more than double (18) the Rossoneri are ahead in the partial classification of points (30 to 22) and goals scored (23 to 22). But I’m back in the goals taken, 22 to 11. Twenty-seven cameras will resume everything that will happen tomorrow night.

The special ball boy: “I gave the goal ball to Perisic!”

Andrea speaks, the thirteen-year-old at San Siro has set off the Icardi network with Verona. He plays from full-back in Inter Under 14 and dreams of becoming a designer

Sebastiano, Edoardo and Andrea are three brothers. In strict order of birth, they also learned how to play football. Only Andrea, Saturday afternoon, was on the pitch for Inter-Verona. She had just harnessed her hair in a very long ponytail that the ball happened to her in her hands and flew into Perisic’s. Scene shot: “There was a girl”.

That … Story – Because in the short film of 1-0 Mauro Icardi, out on the big screen after 37 seconds, Andrea was in directing. Which of the second name is Geneva, is 13 years old and fast eyes. He is the left-back of the Women’s Under-14 team and is also responsible for ball-boys. “As soon as the ball came out, I realized that the closest was me – he says – Perisic looked at me, waved and I immediately launched it, and one of my friends would have done it, I do not think I have any about … “. But then he must agree with Ivan, who at the end of the game did not think so: “Every opportunity should be used, and then thanks to the boy who quickly served me the ball”.

Mathematics and Pinamonti – In the future of Andrea there is the sports scientific high school. She likes maths (“because the professor is an Interista and is good”) and in fact has memory for the numbers: “It was April 16, 2016 when Inter proposed me to audition, I had always dreamed of being in a team of females only “. Because until that day Andrea had played with the boys, in the school team as in the house team. “When my brothers were dribbling, I always got in the way, they were the ‘big guys’, they would throw me away and score, but it was not a problem.” On the contrary, he went to see their games sitting on the pram stroller. He defines himself as “always an Interista” thanks to his father Angelo (“only Francesca is Juventus”) and on October 31 he will be just 14 years old: “I would like to be a footballer, but another dream is the designer. and covered and built houses, I tried to optimize the spaces “. And if with the number 2 shirt it dribbles like it does with words, who knows. Meanwhile, in the list of favorites puts Pinamonti but also looks to Skriniar, by affinity of department. “The first time I did the ball boy was Inter-Lazio a year ago: I was nervous, I had never seen players so close, I was behind the door, I handed the first ball to Handanovic.” And it was not a figurine.

Juve-Real in clear on the “20”: Mediaset already thinks of the World Cup

The new national digital terrestrial channel debuts with the great challenge of Champions: in addition to football, film and TV series

Of “20” in the field there is only that white knuckle devil: Marco Asensio, Juve nightmare for the last slap in Cardiff. The black and white was called Marko, with the K: Pjaca, sold in January and absent at Allianz Stadium. But the most important “20”, at least for tonight, is that on the remote control: Juventus-Real, Champions League quarter-final, so far the football event of the season, will be clear, right on the new channel “20”. Until recently, the network was “Tele Capri” and instead, thanks to the TivùSat platform, here is the news on digital terrestrial in the Mediaset system: so the Biscione looks, above all, at the exclusive summer of the Russian World. The channel lights up tonight (in HD mode only and only for Mediaset Premium subscribers) at 7.30 pm with the prepayed vices services. It will follow at 20.45 the commentary of the match of Pierluigi Pardo with Roberto Cravero second voice. And then a robust post match with guests, among others, Pablito Rossi and Angelo Di Livio.

The Russian World – The “20” seeks a place in the sun on TV: after the 9th button and the local broadcasters (from 10 to 19, different from region to region), it is the first network on the whole national circuit. After this football debut with a bang, the “20” will also settle on the TV series: already tonight, after the special Champions, will debut in the first sight at 23.50 “The Girlfriend Experience” produced by Steven Soderbergh. The football will then return to shine in the summer: eight match of the World Cup group stage, two games every day. From Monday 25 June to Thursday 28, one at 16 and at 20.

Serie A, all recoveries all 18.30. La Viola Torna and Udine, Atalanta-Samp for the Europa League

Not just Champions today. Tomorrow the other four matches valid for the 27th day: the Milan derby of 18.30 stands out

Not just Champions. In addition to Juve-Real Madrid and Sevilla-Bayern Monaco, today also returns the Serie A with three races of the 27th round postponed a month ago due to the death of Davide Astori.

Federico Chiesa, Ansaudinese-fiorentina – Fiorentina will take the field at 6.30 pm. Difficultly the Viola and the hosts of Udinese will manage not to think about that sad morning of March 4 and at the Dacia Arena there will be a special atmosphere. Despite the six consecutive defeats Massimo Oddo does not seem intent on overturning the starting lineup: classic 3-5-2 with Widmer and Adnan on the outside and De Paul to support Perica, favorite on Maxi Lopez. In Piola’s team, Biraghi and Benassi are back after having given a one-match ban. Still out Thereau and Badelj.
Genoa-Cagliari – At Marassi neither of the two formations can afford further missteps to not see the gap from the third last place even more. Ballardini will raise from the 1 ‘Gianluca Lapadula, while Pandev is likely to start from the bench. In Cagliari Lykogiannis and Ionita will try to undermine Miangue and Deiola, holders in the last match against Turin.

Atalanta-Sampdoria – Challenge that is worth a place in the next Europa League. Atalanta, still without Ilicic, will try to reach Milan at 50 points. For Gasperini the doubt Gollini-Berisha, still difficult to use instead of Mattia Caldara. In Sampdoria Giampaolo evaluates an attack consisting of Ramirez, Caprari and Zapata. Possible turnover then for Fabio Quagliarella.

Ibrahimovic captures the first Los Angeles Derby

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who left Manchester United, has joined the new club for LA Galaxy, and it is very likely that the Swede will immediately make his debut. What is extraordinary in this derby is the fact that the teams meet for the first time.

The Galaxy is somewhat distant from the town life, and the LAFC is located in the heart of the city. Galaxy is the crown jewel of the MLS, one of the ten clubs that made the league and won the most in this league. LAFC is a “new boy in the city” and plays for the first season in the MLS, writes Soccer24.ee.

Fans are also very motivated, although the derby is based on the usual history, incidents and moments that define the confrontation forever. This confrontation does not have history, incidents or special moments – it’s just the knowledge that this city will no longer automatically belong to Galaxy. “I’m not proud of the Galaxy, I’m not just a Galaxy fan and I’m in favor of the LAFC,” said Rafa Gomez, LA Times.

Also, ticket sales are rivalry: when the LAFC announced that in their July home derby game only 100 tickets will be allocated to the opposing fans – the minimum that can be deducted from the MLS for the opposing fans, the Galaxy replied the same: on Saturday, 100 LAFC fans will be in the stadium. But it does not dampen the audience number – the game has been sold out, and yesterday it was sold at an additional $ 1,000 on the aftermarket.

Saudi Arabian goalkeeper will join Manchester United training sessions

Mohammad Al-Sahlaw, who scored 26 goals in 33 games in Saudi Arabia, is training for the next three weeks with Manchester United.

Saudi Arabia, which took part in the World Cup this year, met with Belgium in the tie-in period and was brought back 0 to 4 losses, but on the positive side, the chairman of the local sports association GSA announced that 31-year-old Al Sahlaw will join United training for three weeks, Soccernet.ee reports.

For Jose Mourinho, this is probably not a long-term target for the attacker, but a compulsory clause in the deal – namely, the United and the GSA at the start of the season concluded a “strategic partnership agreement” that United will help promote Saudi football.

United is not the only one to help Saudi Arabia prepare for the MM by co-operation agreements – as many as nine players joined the Spanish clubs in January under a loan agreement.

The Estonian football team had to admit Georgia’s superiority

The Estonian men’s soccer team lost to the local team in the land scandal in Georgia at 0: 2. Also, our six-game series of unlucky ones ended.
Georgia was already in the sixth minute when, after a corner kick, Estonians did not clear their penalty area and Jemal Tabidze, the center-right opponent, made the ball in the goal.
At 34 minutes, Vako Qazaišvili sail through the Estonians’ defense line, with a blow to the outside side of the post. Real ghost and stand 2: 0.
In the first half of the year, the only dangerous option in Georgia and Estonia was the midfield half-way, when Igor Morozov got close at the corner kick, but the ball hit the goalie directly.
Ten minutes after the break, the best chance for Estonia’s current game came when Ragnar Klavan hit the goal post.
A little more than a quarter hours before the end, Mattias Käit was hit by the opponent in a collision with the opponent and exchanged for Konstantin Vassilyev. A few minutes later, Estonia had a good chance when Dmitri Kruglov hit the goalkeeper of the Georgians and Trevor Elhi beat the post a little bit.
Morozov from the opening gate: he could have better cleared the ball

Composition of Estonia: Marko Meerits, Taijo Teniste (71. Alexander Dmitriyev), Joonas Tamm, Igor Morozov, Ragnar Klavan, Artur Pikk (63 Dmitri Kruglov), Mattias Käit (75th Konstantin Vasiliev), Ilia Antonov (46th Siim Luts) , Brent Lepist (71. Trevor Elhi), Sergei Zenjov, Henri Anier (46th Artjom Dmitriyev).
When Estonia played 0: 0 on Armenia on Saturday, Georgia toppled Lithuania 4-0 at home. “The fact that Lithuania lost 0: 4 and lost Latvia last year 0: 5 shows that they are good players to let them enjoy the game,” said Martin Reim, head coach of the Estonian football team, today’s opponents. “We need to take them out of this position and squeeze them into a good defense based on their style of play.”

“We have the thoughts of watching the game in Armenia, which position to play. I did not allow it, but I said that maybe we will play two full-fledged runners,” added Reim.
Estonia has previously met with Georgia five times. Both teams have won twice, once played the wins. Last time Estonia played with Georgia in 2015, when the Georgians were subdued with a score of 3: 0 (gates: Ats Purje, Artur Pikk and Maksim Gussev).