Entered armed on the pitch and was banned for three years

The Greek football league announced on Thursday that it had banned PAOK president Ivan Savvidis of the stadiums for a three-year term from entering the field during a game with AEK.

He will also have to pay a fine of € 100,000, while PAOK has been punished by three points on the leaderboard, falling to third place, five behind leaders AEK and Olympiakos.

The decision, which also includes a fine of 63 thousand euros for the club, could be appealed to the Greek federation.

“With Sérgio Conceição, we have to be always connected”

World Soccer magazine dedicated a page to the career of Sérgio Conceição at FC Porto and brought to the conversation the Frenchman Vincent Sasso, former pupil of the coach in SC Braga.

“It’s very demanding. With him you have to be always on. If you’re not, he’ll tell you in the face. He is a true leader of men and puts a lot of emphasis on the tactical aspect of the game, “said the central defender, currently in the Belenenses.

Conquest of the World is worth a prize

The players who will represent the selection of Spain in the finals of the World Cup already know the value of the prize if they become champions in Russia.

According to the newspaper Marca that each of the summoned Julen Lopetegui will take home 400 thousand euros, after deducting the due taxes – the gross amount is 800 thousand euros.

In the 2014 World Cup, in Brazil, the prizes were of 720 thousand euros, before taxes. Four years earlier, in South Africa, they settled on 600,000.

Restelo disappointment in title lost in 2015

Porto, then led by Spain’s Julen Lopetegui, fought until the penultimate round of 2014/2015 for the national title with Benfica. The dragons lost the mathematical hypothesis of reaching the first place in the Stadium of Restelo, thanks to a goal of Tiago Caeiro, who gave the title to the incarnates – who also tied in Guimarães on the same day.

Jackson Martinez still put the blue and white in front of the scoreboard before the interval, but Belenenses’ striker came in 72 minutes and shortly after, tied the game, handing the title on a plate to Benfica, who won the title. a journey from the epilogue of the race.

Klopp agent says German would do ‘good job’ at Bayern Munich

Curious statements by Marc Kosicke, agent of Jurgen Klopp. According to the manager, the current Liverpool coach would fit well at Bayern Munich, at a time when the future of the Bavarians will be questioned after the departure of Jupp Heynckes.

“Jurgen is not too big for Bayern nor is Bayern too big for him. No doubt Jurgen would do a “good job.” Bayern and Klopp would fit well, but it is something that is not feasible at the moment. He has a contract until 2022 and I do not think his work in Liverpool is over. It is true that Bayern are looking for a coach, but at the moment Jurgen thinks of nothing but the reds, “said the agent, quoted by ESPN.

It is recalled that Klopp guided for seven seasons Borussia Dortmund, one of the teams that tries to counterbalance the power of Bayern in Germanic football. He won the Bundesliga on two occasions and a German Cup and three Super Cups.

The 50-year-old is making his third season at Anfield.

Tottenham points to Bruno Fernandes

The season is now in the deciding phase, all the evidence is in the ebullient phase, but the departments responsible for market prospects are not at all attentive, and Tottenham’s cabinet responsible for hiring has 23-year-old Bruno Fernandes on a shortlist potentials for the new era.

The excellent season that the Sporting midfielder is doing has captured the attention of many clubs in the main European championships and the Spurs want to be well placed in the starting grid of the race for the Portuguese international.

Sporting was cautioned: for the first time entered a value with three digits in a termination clause. Yes, the eight lions jersey is armored for 100 million euros. This value, of course, is only a defense for Sporting, a player exit will not be for such a high value. But it will always be a millionaire. That is, with four more years of contract with those of Alvalade – signed until June 2022 -, is only complying the first, is not leonine intention to transfer the medium already in the next market.

However, Bruno Fernandes’s performances are deserving of very positive reports and the likely presence at the World Cup in Russia could open even more doors for the Portuguese international, so it is Fernando Santos’ choice and stand out in the showcase of the World Cup.

Goalkeeper expelled for urinating in full play

The unusual happened in Italy: a goalkeeper was ordered to be expelled for urinating in full play. It was at the Igea Virtus-Messina, a derby from Sicily, Italy, to count for the D-Series, group I, on Sunday.

The protagonist of the story is called Armando Prisco and the explanation for such a pressing need lies in the combination of two factors: the 21-year-old keeper drinks a lot of water (three liters a day) and was not prepared to enter suddenly – at the beginning of the second part.

“I drank water when we went into the stadium, before the warm-up, at the beach, at half-time and in the second half,” he told journalist Gianluca Di Marzio. I could not stand it. I was moving like crazy and when the game stopped for a substitution I tried to take advantage of it: I pretended that I was stretching behind a banner. No one noticed, except for the referee, “he said, not mea culpa.

“I apologized immediately and did not protest. I know that the judge has complied with the regulations [Act 12 for ‘offensive or crude gestures’], but I want to make it clear that I did nothing obscene. I knew there were a lot of kids in the stadium and I did everything to camouflage the situation, “he said, promising never to repeat the cute thing that earned him three games of punishment:” I’ll take it for a second time. I’m 21 years old and I’m not incontinent yet. ”

As a matter of curiosity: when Prisco was expelled Messina had already made three substitutions. A central inside and the game ended 0-0.

«Everything goes in the manipulation»

Nuno Saraiva, communication director of Sporting, reacted to the news on the social networks that Paulo Gonçalves, SAD’s legal advisor to Benfica, lost his appeal at the Lisbon Court of Appeal, in which he challenged his constitution as an accused in the so-called case of e-mails.

“Here are the salaries in arrears of Sporting CP, or to say that not even the stones of the sidewalk are our Club … Everything goes in the manipulation!” He wrote on Facebook.

Only Bakic is missing in the dragon attack

Silas has begun preparing for the welcome to FC Porto, scheduled for next Monday and will be the first of seven finals – in a series filled with difficulties until the end of the season – towards the goal of maintenance.

Of the list of players capable of dueling against the dragons, only Marco Bakic remains absent for being in the service of the selection of Montenegro, that today faces Turkey in private game.

The midfielder is expected to return only tomorrow, although it is not certain that he arrives in time to train. His reinstatement in the work could happen only on Thursday, but still in time for the game with FC Porto.

Zivkovic has entered the eleven, only knows to win and has World in focus

Middle income has risen since it came to be used in the core, along with Fejsa and Pizzi. He has been called up for Serbia and wants to be in the World Cup in June.

Holder in the last seven meetings of Benfica, where the Reds have achieved a hundred percent of wins, Zivkovic has gained another dimension since being used in the midfield trident, alongside Pizzi and compatriot Fejsa. Working with the Serbian team, Zivkovic hopes to grab the place at the finals.

“Playing regularly is quite good and I am going through a good moment of form, so this call for the selection is important,” said Zivkovic, who is expected to be an option in both sides of the Balkan line-up against Morocco and Nigeria.

“For me, the most important thing is to be prepared for these games and I hope to take advantage of this opportunity to make a good impression. Given these opponents, the goal is to win,” said the 21-year-old, who has seven caps for the Serbia.