The trap of possession

Having the ball for longer than the rival is no guarantee of success for Eibar. Rather the complete opposite. The azulgrana set suffers to take the games forward when it clearly exceeds in possession to the opposite that is opposite. The statistics do not deceive and so indicate it. The men of José Luis Mendilibar have not been able to add the three points in the five meetings this season in which they have had more than 60% control of the ball.

The defeat of the Ciutat de València was a new staging of how much it costs Eibar to win when the opponent gives the ball. The Armada squad left empty of Valencian lands in spite of being the possessor of the ball during 66% of the match. Something very similar to what happened four months ago in the duel of the first round in Ipurua, where the azulgrana team reached 70% of possession and even then was only able to draw.

The encounters against Atlético, Málaga and Deportivo are other obvious signs that Eibar does not enjoy when it has to take the initiative. Having the ball for 66% of the time did not prevent the colchonero team from taking the victory. The bottom scorer took a point from Ipurua despite the fact that the armored team signed the highest possession percentage since it was in Primera (71%) and in Riazor it went up to 70% to tie against an opponent that was with one less player during one hour of play.

It is clear that Eibar is not a team designed to attack in positional and have control of the ball during long phases. The game in static chokes. The direct football is one of the hallmarks of Mendilibar’s libretto, but when the rivals are locked back there is no other way to move the ball with patience and in those contexts you can see the seams of Eibar, as it becomes a team foreseeable, it is not capable of speeding the circulations and abuses the horizontal passes.

Mendilibar’s discourse on possession is practical. He does not want to have the ball in inconsequential areas. He wants it to get to the rival area. And the fewer touches you need to do it, the better. It is still symptomatic that in the two goals this season against Betis and Sevilla, 5-0 and 5-1 respectively, Eibar has not passed 45% of possession. There is little chance in that. Nor is there in the five meetings in which he has not won despite being the owner of the ball.

Ramírez: “I do not think of a plan other than continuing in the First”

The president of UD Las Palmas, Miguel Ángel Ramírez, blows 49 candles today in a complicated sporting context for the club. Antepenultimate classified, to 6 points of salvation and, with 9 days to play, the next opponent who will visit the island is Real Madrid. “My intention is to continue at the bottom of the canyon and not leave the club while I believe I can help in the future,” says the highest shareholder.

Ramírez showed his usual optimism, he does not want to draw guidelines that do not go through the highest category. Of course, he admits that “depending on what happens, knowing that we can keep up or down, we will make decisions, but at this moment, I do not contemplate the descent.” However, he emphasizes that “the difference of this UD with that of previous years is that before, when you went down, there was always talk of the danger of the disappearance of the club.
Anger of the hobby

“The players are the first to be convinced that they are going to do it, with that breath they work every day.” This was so forceful in the face of criticism focused on footballers. He is a regular at training and defends that “within the reality, that we would like it to be better, they know that by desire and commitment it will not be lacking”.

The image offered by the Estadio de Gran Canaria is, for many, improvable. It is one of the issues that have generated most controversy in the hobby and many of them blame it on the high price of tickets and passes. The president, in this sense, treats the problem as something global that does not affect only his team and states that “in the UD we have lowered the prices considerably, the subscriber has been allowed to come with guests … And it is not possible to raise the level of attendees. Against Barca, without going any further, we put some prices and did not achieve. “

Police detected against Sandhausen professional

He rammed the car of his teammate and made his way out of the dust.
Giant excitement around Sandhausen professional Tim Knipping (25). The police investigate the central defender because of a driver’s escape.

Knipping had hit the BMW of team colleague Julian Derstroff (26) after BILD information on Thursday when ausparken with his Mercedes – damage between 3500 and 4000 euros.
Instead of reporting the accident, he drove off.

Derstroff called the police, who convicted the sinner. The club stroked Knipping then in 2: 3 against Bochum from the squad. “We gave him the opportunity to think about his mistake,” says sports director Otmar Schork (60).
In the meantime, Knipping has apologized and was pardoned by Sandhausen.
But not from the prosecutor: He faces a fine and the loss of the driver’s license.

Last-minute shock for Dynamo!

This is just unreal! Dynamo Dresden fights back in front of 11,883 fans in Ingolstadt. But in stoppage Bayern beat twice.

Dynamo hangs first in the relegation battle with it.

Dynamo coach Uwe Neuhaus continued after Seguin’s weak appearance against Heidenheim including own-goal back to Philip Heise as left-back.

For the first time in over three months, captain Marco Hartmann was in the squad after several injuries, but initially on the bench. As the native Dresdner Stefan Kutschke had to take place on Ingolstadt side – as in the first leg against his former club, feels comfortable to maximum punishment.

Dynamo has the first giant: Corner lands a fire-dangerous Aufsetzer of Roeser just so on the net (5th). But that was it for a long time with offensive actions of the Saxons. The FCI comes, SGD keeper Schubert wags in a free kick by Kittel, can save the rebound in the follow-up at the feet of the bullet-ready level (8).

Striker Thomas Pledl puts the ball through again, Heise is too slow, goal, 1-0 (16). Dynamo has problems in the game structure, runs mainly on the outside.

After a half-high ball in the Dresden penalty area it’s burning again. An Ingolstadt tries to extend the ball, the defense is irritated and Tobias Schröck pushes completely naked to 2: 0 (29). Dynamo of the role!

Center-back Franke causes the next chance with a capital failure. Kittel places cross on Pledl, who this time free-standing shoots right center over, must be 3-0 (35.).

Neuhaus is fully served, trying his defense to scream awake. Also at the front there is hardly anything for the guests. Only attacker Koné can keeper Nyland on the back pass almost the leather abluchsen, otherwise he remains like his team pale.

Then the dynamo dynamite is suddenly there! Koné collects a shove from Gaus, 911 at the five-meter room! The foul meets humorous bottom left – 2: 1 (58.).

After that happens little – until the 79th minute: After Heise corner captain Florian Ballas at the short post is completely free, nods the ball precisely to the inner post, the ball turns in – 2: 2.

Now Ingolstadt reacts again, runs! But Schubert is in a Schröck header (82) and a Matip distance shot (83rd) with two parades.

It looks as if Dynamo, as in the first leg of a 2-0 lead to 2-2 final score, brings a nearly lost point.

Then the 91st minute. This crazy Ingolstadt playmaker Kittel keeps out of ambush flat on the corner, the thing hits bottom left – 2: 3!

Bitter: Kittel puts Cohen in a counterattack still the 4: 2 (92) on. Ending!

Hosiner with Gate Balm

Austrian ends long losing streak

323 days can be a torment for a striker. So long Philipp Hosiner (28) had to wait for a goal. Saturday against Regensburg (2: 2) he met for the meantime 2: 1.

His first second division goal since the 31st game of the season (2: 1 against Sandhausen). The Austrian honest: “Of course I’m glad that I could score again after a long time. That’s balm for the soul of a striker. ”

Coach André Hofschneider (47): “Now he scored the goal. Now he has to continue. As he did, it should give him confidence in any case. “Hosiner nibbled the opponent and slipped into the right corner. Hofschneider continues: “For strikers it is often the case that a run can arise with the first sense of achievement. Everyone is hoping for that now. “

What is good for Hosiner: Sebastian Polter (26) is in his recovery after Achilles tendon rupture and will probably return only in autumn. So the attacker has almost a deployment guarantee. Polter had both under Jens Keller (47) and under Hofschneider a commitment guarantee, Hosiner remained maximally the Joker role. Now the Burgenlander can show what he can do and help the team with their goals. Hosiner: “The path is right. We beat everything against Regensburg. “

Rome, Alisson is not touched. No to 40 million from Naples

The Giallorossi do not want to give up the Brazilian goalkeeper. Rejected a maxi proposal of the Neapolitans. You aim to keep it another season, less than crazy offers.

“Think big and you will be great”. His philosophy is all here, in this sentence that Alisson follows as a mantra. Telling him – from the first steps as a player – was José Agostinho, his father. And Alisson never forgets it. “I’ve always dreamed of becoming the Brazilian goalkeeper at a World Cup and I’ve always done that with that phrase in mind – said the number one in Rome at the magazine Undici – Since the first race I made up my mind to become one of the biggest goalkeepers ever of the Brazilian National team “. And, on balance, the result if it has not already been reached, is right there, around the corner. Certainly right now is one of the best numbers in the world. And if, as it seems, it will really be him to defend at the World Cup the door of a Brazil that aspires to take its revenge on Germany, then its value could really get to the skies.

The Offer – Yes, because Alisson is in his second season at Rome, but he has only been in since August. In all 8 months, in which the price of his card has risen high. Other than spread, here we are at the limits of the highest rises on the stock exchange. So much so that, last week, Napoli presented an offer to Rome (40 million) receiving in return a dry “no thanks”. And this is because Rome on Alisson wants to build at least another season (if not two). And even if he were to sit at a table with someone, he would start from different numbers. If not twice, almost. Considering that the Brazilian has been paid 8 million in 2016, this explains why he has an upward trend that would also drive Piazza Affari crazy.

The contract – Moreover, Alisson knows he has the eyes of the biggest clubs in Europe (Psg above all, but also Liverpool and Real) but he also knows he is still 25 years old, that for a goalkeeper are nothing. In short, not wanting to make a leap in quality, although obviously it would not disdain. But, of course, he expects an important signal from Rome. In short, if at the end of the year in Trigoria they will offer him a good contractual adjustment (today he earns 1.5 million euros) there should be no problem to go on together again. At least for a while.

Europa League, the moviola of Milan and Lazio

During Arsenal-Milan the race director Eriksson grants a non-existent penalty to the Gunners. In Dinamo Kiev-Lazio does not convince Gil Manzano: oversight on the hand of Boyko

Arsenal-Milan – There is a huge black hole in the direction of Eriksson: Arsenal concedes a non-existent penalty on indication from the additional Ekberg. From the series: how to ruin a match and direct the qualification. Perhaps it is the case that the Uefa accelerates the Var project because it is so badly misused: a replay was enough to notice the colossal topica. Welbeck collapses to the ground, late, after Rodriguez’s caress. Simulation evident to be punished with yellow and instead is rewarded with a penalty that puts the English back on track. Eriksson is not new to stuttering directions: yesterday was repeated even on small episodes. On the rest, just after 1-1 Silva turns to the door and the carambola ball on the knuckles of Chambers and then ends up on the arm (wide) of English: we are evaluating it involuntary. In the second half (still on 1-1) Silva always comes into contact with Bellerin in the area: doubtful episode and certainly here the penalty could also be there. Okay, instead, the yellow for simulation shown to Suso.

Dinamo Kiev-Lazio – The management of Gil Manzano is not convincing. At 25 ‘Immobile finds himself without a shoe when he falls in the area, for a touch of Burda on the heel but out of 16 meters: there was still no punishment, not assigned. The most serious mistake on 43 ‘: Boyko overtaken by the lob Immobile touches with his hands outside the area. It would have been punishment from the limit and red for the goalkeeper. Ignored also a tripping over Felipe Anderson penetrating the trocar at half-time.


Milan, Gattuso: “The referee can make mistakes like any other player”

The Milan coach is proud of his: “We showed great solidity, I liked the personality of the team”

Gennaro Gattuso can not be happy. He has also played in the United Kingdom (in Scotland, with the Rangers shirt in the ’97 / ’98 season) and has touched English fair play. He who did not want to believe when he saw the referee Eriksson indicate the spot on the 38th minute. His Milan took the lead at the Emirates Stadium and was putting pressure on Wenger’s Arsenal. Here, from here he wants to restart the Rossoneri coach. From the attitude of Bonucci and his teammates to three-quarters of the race: “I’m proud of my guys and the performance we did in this stadium, we lost the shift at home, what really made me angry is that we do not have to We must play 90. I am nervous about the final result: we must not give up like we did tonight, taking the 3-1 final “.

the penalty for the arsenal – A hint to the offense penalty, however, does: “The players are wrong and, therefore, the referees can also make mistakes.” I do not want to talk about their work tonight. Then a few words on the singles: “Kalinic did not do the preparation, when he is physically good he can give us a big hand, we have three worthy strikers, I will make them rotate, they just have to be ready and work very seriously”. Donnarumma was not precise about the second goal of the Gunners: “Gigio has to raise his head, it was a single episode, he must not be put off, he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. the rumors of Reina’s arrival or not “. The conclusion is aimed at the season finale: “There are no league matches and an Italian Cup final, we are a young team: we can certainly do more, we showed great solidity tonight and I liked the team’s personality”.

Milan, the tabloids against Welbeck: “He’s a diver”

The English press against the Arsenal striker: “Dan, rescue dive”

Yesterday’s Europa League evening is a resounding “spot” in favor of VAR: in Arsenal-Milan there have been at least three “suspicious” episodes, first of all the resounding penalty awarded to Arsenal Welbeck’s striker who has not era. Cases that probably could have been avoided with video assistance. No later than a few weeks ago, however, UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin reiterated that there will be no VAR in the Champions League and Europa League next season.

The newspapers – English media very critical with the Arsenal striker, accused of being “a diver” as the Times headlined. On the same wavelength the Sun, which has headline: “Welbeck, storm for the dive”. Ironic the Daily Mail, which playing on the name of the player headline: “Dan, rescue dive”. The Daily Telegraph, on the other hand, reads: “Italian anger over a controversial penalty”. The Mirror turns directly to the disastrous Swedish referee Eriksson and writes: “He went on the ground a little too easily, referee”, clear the reference to Welbeck.