Real Madrid convinces Europe: “Walk to Kiev”

Real Madrid convinces Europe: “Walk to Kiev”

The press distributes praise for Real Madrid and criticism for a PSG that was expected more: “It was a ghost unable to meet the expectations of the world of football.”

The Spanish and foreign press distributes praise for Real Madrid and clubs for PSG. Newspapers see the white team in the Kiev final and highlight Zidane’s work in preparing the game. His counterpart in the Parisian bench is not so good and there are many who see Emery near the end of his adventure in Paris.

L’Equipe: “The great disillusionment Unai Emery took Pastore off the clock, waiting for a spark, too late or too late, PSG managed to be less dangerous at home (where he was undefeated this season) than at the Bernabéu. After two weeks of optimism and in a Parc des Princes as hot as expected, Paris dreamed of finally showing its status as a great European, but it showed that it was still far from that. “

Le Parisien: “Defenseless and eliminated from the Champions League PSG will not see European Spring for the second consecutive year After the 70 minutes between good and excellent Madrid three weeks ago the PSG has not existed.” He collapsed at nightfall of the first In the return the team slipped like a ghost unable to respond to the fervor of the public or the expectations of the world of football.

El País: “Madrid ruins PSG, a non-material ruin, impossible with the Qatarian support, but referred to the other academic meaning, ruining: causing serious damage, and this was the case for this PSG with the theme park theme entered an excessive urgency to reach the Eden, as Madrid has enjoyed so many times throughout its more than hundred-year history, which threw in the face this upstart PSG, which was even closer to the quarterfinals in the return of the Bernabéu that in the return in his living room “.

El Mundo: “Real Madrid seizes the throne in Paris, Real Madrid took the Champions, their territory of dreams, to keep the season alive.” He broke ashish predictions and gave himself at least one more tie in the competition where he has forged his legend of endless resistance, that no one relaxes, that the king of the tournament continues to breathe, after wallowing PSG at the Bernabéu, after biting the fear with that distant
0-1, Tuesday night in the foothills of the Eiffel Tower set a role of war veteran, not allowing even a second of illusion to the local comeback.

El Mundo Deportivo: “Madrid sets fire to Paris, PSG is deflated in the Parc des Princes, and all that aura of aspiring team to win the Champions League that had been created with a checkbook has been diluted.” Paying 222 million euros for Neymar does not he assured the commitment of the Brazilian who did not want to hear about infiltrating to be in the most important game of his team, Real Madrid qualified for the quarterfinals by making a serious, orderly game, with a clear bet by Zinedine Zidane for the footballers with whom he wants to keep winning, those who understand his football. “

Sport: “The same film as always, Real Madrid finished the work that started at the Bernabéu, they did not have to work too hard because the PSG showed that they have to eat a lot of soups to rub shoulders with the big ones. the one that smile eternally, but that, at the moment of truth, does not prove to them as Europe does, Goodbye, PSG, goodbye. “

La Gazzetta dello Sport: “Real power, it’s still not PSG’s time and it’s always Real Madrid’s time, at least in the Champions League, a Real Madrid redesigned with the intelligence of Zidane (who apart is a manager of men). Emery’s adventure in Paris will probably end here, even if he wins Ligue 1 with more than ten points ahead.The Madrid race continues to Kiev.It would not be a surprise to see them there too. “

Mirror: “Cristiano personifies Madrid’s European desire.” In recent years, it’s obvious that Real Madrid’s main objective is the Champions, if someone personifies that ambition it’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Unai Emery will leave, more likely at the end of the season because For PSG, the Champions League is also the main objective, winning the league and the French Cup is not enough to save him. “

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