Saudi Arabian goalkeeper will join Manchester United training sessions

Mohammad Al-Sahlaw, who scored 26 goals in 33 games in Saudi Arabia, is training for the next three weeks with Manchester United.

Saudi Arabia, which took part in the World Cup this year, met with Belgium in the tie-in period and was brought back 0 to 4 losses, but on the positive side, the chairman of the local sports association GSA announced that 31-year-old Al Sahlaw will join United training for three weeks, reports.

For Jose Mourinho, this is probably not a long-term target for the attacker, but a compulsory clause in the deal – namely, the United and the GSA at the start of the season concluded a “strategic partnership agreement” that United will help promote Saudi football.

United is not the only one to help Saudi Arabia prepare for the MM by co-operation agreements – as many as nine players joined the Spanish clubs in January under a loan agreement.

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