That’s how frank joy is! The gesture made by the club president after the elimination of Barcelona: the fans acclaimed him

AS Roma 3-0 Barcelona / The Italians managed what they were anticipating: returning the result 1-4 of the tour and qualifying in the UEFA Champions League semifinals.

The Italians made a white night after their incredible success with Barcelona. The Romanian fans gathered in Piazza del Popolo to celebrate their qualification in the UEFA Champions League semifinals. Near to midnight James Pallotta, the president of Rome, arrived.

The Romanian official was left behind by the wave and did not take into account anything. He threw himself into Fontana dei Leoni dressed in fans applause.

Peres: Love Roma too much

Bruno Peres has revealed that “I made the decision to stay at Roma” out of his ‘love’ for the club and city.
“I made the decision to stay at Roma,” he wrote on Instagram.
“I didn’t do it out of pride, even though it would’ve been easier for me to turn the page.
“What convinced me to stay was my love for this city, these colours and the Roma fans. I couldn’t leave this way.
“I want to redeem myself and help my teammates in every way possible, as well as the Coach and club to achieve the objectives that this team deserve.
“We’re all together. Always Forza Roma!!!”