Off for Ruthenbeck at the end of the season

Stefan Ruthenbeck will coach 1. FC Köln until the end of the season. This is announced by the club. For the possible new start to come a new coach.
Stefan Ruthenbeck looked almost relieved when Armin Veh announced what everyone had long suspected.
“We want to ensure clarity: Stefan’s contract ends in the summer,” said the CEO of 1. FC Cologne on Thursday with a straight face and cleared the way for a comprehensive new beginning of the Crisis Club.
The information Markus will start the attack, even if Veh did not want to comment on the speculation surrounding the current coach of Holstein Kiel.
We will also announce something in a timely manner. But I do not say names, “said Veh. Born in Cologne, curiously Ruthenbeck’s cousin, is currently battling for promotion with second division side Kiel, but both sides are said to have been in agreement for weeks Million Euros.

Off for Ruthenbeck at the end of the season
Ruthenbeck will then hand over the baton in spite of recent decent results, even if the tail of the miracle of relegation should still succeed.

“Do not define me about this post”

“I have often emphasized: I do not define myself about this post,” the 45-year-old said modestly as usual. He expressly welcomed the announcement of the decision five games before the end of the season. This is “very important, because speculation about my future in the last weeks of the season should not be a burden,” said the 45-year-old.
At the same time, Ruthenbeck had quite definitely gathered arguments for remaining. After only six points in the disastrous first half of the FC collected in the new year after all 15 counters in twelve matches. But this will hardly be enough for the relegation.
Should Ruthenbeck reach the relegation place 16 with Cologne, he could meet Kiel and his probable successor.

He will now “do everything possible to keep the FC in the Bundesliga.If this does not work, we will end the season, at least with decency and head held high,” said Ruthenbeck, in December of the coach of the A-Youth head coach of the Bundesliga Teams had been promoted.
Armin Veh justified the announcement meanwhile also with the pending personnel planning. “For the players you want to sign or retain, it makes sense that there is clarity on the coaching question,” he said. Plans for the coming season are already in progress. “We’ll have to get one or the other – because we want to play football differently,” said Veh.
Whether Ruthenbeck the Cologne over the summer in addition to other function is to give talks after the end of the season. “Stefan decides that on his own, we would be very happy if he stayed with us,” said Veh.