Malaga Ontiveros puts the light on the typical summer skittle

Almost 30 degrees in the shade, legs loaded after two weeks full of double sessions, training this morning, several debutants … all this influenced for Málaga and Marbella to star in the typical preseason game: without fluidity, without overflow and with some imbalances that will be fixed, it is to be expected, as the league start approaches.
What they did have both teams were occasions, especially in the first half, where the Marbella, on the way out of a corner, enjoyed the best of all when Manu received the ball at the far post, cheated Andrés Prieto, but his shot, already with the goalkeeper on the ground, crossed it too. Málaga responded with a good play from En-Nesyri on the left, reaching the end line and centering on the near post, where Juanpi Añor finished off with his bad leg, right, loose and in the center.
Some more shot from outside the area that did not reach goal summed up a first part in which Juankar was forced to leave by a blow to the neck. Ricca supplied him in the 35th minute, thus advancing the carousel of changes that would occur in the second half.
Of those who entered soda from the 60th minute, the most outstanding was Ontiveros, very motivated in his native Marbella. Málaga controlled more and better the ball, making changes of orientation, avoiding losses in the center of the field, but always ended up turning the game to the left, where Ontiveros appeared. From there, in one of his typical gallops leaving everyone by technique and power, he stood in front of Wilfred and almost without an angle he crashed the ball into the post.
Little more can be highlighted from a meeting that served to see the debut of the latest Malaguista signing, Munir, who played his first minutes, although he went unnoticed because Marbella barely disturbed his goal. There will be time to analyze in more detail the adaptation of the other two incorporations, Renato Santos and Boulahroud, who did not intervene in excess, such as the VAR, which was not used at any time.
Málaga: Andrés Prieto (Munir, 46 ‘); Iván Rodríguez, Abqar, Diego González, Juankar (Ricca, 35 ‘); Boulahroud, Iturra; Juan Cruz, Juanpi Añor, Mula; En-Nesyri.
From the 60th minute, the alignment was as follows: Munir; Rosales, Luis Hernández, I. Miquel, Ricca; Recio, Lacen; Renato Santos, Adrián, Ontiveros; Harper.
Marbella: Godino, Ismael Gallar, Lolo Pavón, Hakim, Marcos, Mario Enríquez; Manu, Álex Bernal, Sillero, N’Diaye; Juanma
In the second half came Wilfred, Javi Moreno, José Cruz, José Ramón, Elías, Añón, Rachid, Agüero, Esteban and Alberto.