Saudi Arabian goalkeeper will join Manchester United training sessions

Mohammad Al-Sahlaw, who scored 26 goals in 33 games in Saudi Arabia, is training for the next three weeks with Manchester United.

Saudi Arabia, which took part in the World Cup this year, met with Belgium in the tie-in period and was brought back 0 to 4 losses, but on the positive side, the chairman of the local sports association GSA announced that 31-year-old Al Sahlaw will join United training for three weeks, reports.

For Jose Mourinho, this is probably not a long-term target for the attacker, but a compulsory clause in the deal – namely, the United and the GSA at the start of the season concluded a “strategic partnership agreement” that United will help promote Saudi football.

United is not the only one to help Saudi Arabia prepare for the MM by co-operation agreements – as many as nine players joined the Spanish clubs in January under a loan agreement.

The Estonian football team had to admit Georgia’s superiority

The Estonian men’s soccer team lost to the local team in the land scandal in Georgia at 0: 2. Also, our six-game series of unlucky ones ended.
Georgia was already in the sixth minute when, after a corner kick, Estonians did not clear their penalty area and Jemal Tabidze, the center-right opponent, made the ball in the goal.
At 34 minutes, Vako Qazaišvili sail through the Estonians’ defense line, with a blow to the outside side of the post. Real ghost and stand 2: 0.
In the first half of the year, the only dangerous option in Georgia and Estonia was the midfield half-way, when Igor Morozov got close at the corner kick, but the ball hit the goalie directly.
Ten minutes after the break, the best chance for Estonia’s current game came when Ragnar Klavan hit the goal post.
A little more than a quarter hours before the end, Mattias Käit was hit by the opponent in a collision with the opponent and exchanged for Konstantin Vassilyev. A few minutes later, Estonia had a good chance when Dmitri Kruglov hit the goalkeeper of the Georgians and Trevor Elhi beat the post a little bit.
Morozov from the opening gate: he could have better cleared the ball

Composition of Estonia: Marko Meerits, Taijo Teniste (71. Alexander Dmitriyev), Joonas Tamm, Igor Morozov, Ragnar Klavan, Artur Pikk (63 Dmitri Kruglov), Mattias Käit (75th Konstantin Vasiliev), Ilia Antonov (46th Siim Luts) , Brent Lepist (71. Trevor Elhi), Sergei Zenjov, Henri Anier (46th Artjom Dmitriyev).
When Estonia played 0: 0 on Armenia on Saturday, Georgia toppled Lithuania 4-0 at home. “The fact that Lithuania lost 0: 4 and lost Latvia last year 0: 5 shows that they are good players to let them enjoy the game,” said Martin Reim, head coach of the Estonian football team, today’s opponents. “We need to take them out of this position and squeeze them into a good defense based on their style of play.”

“We have the thoughts of watching the game in Armenia, which position to play. I did not allow it, but I said that maybe we will play two full-fledged runners,” added Reim.
Estonia has previously met with Georgia five times. Both teams have won twice, once played the wins. Last time Estonia played with Georgia in 2015, when the Georgians were subdued with a score of 3: 0 (gates: Ats Purje, Artur Pikk and Maksim Gussev).

“Super Mario,” always different. Who put Balotelli over Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar and how did the Cavani-Zlatan duel: “You can not compare it. It’s in another dimension”

In an era in which Brazilian Neymar is the only footballer with Ronaldo and Messi in the ultimate talk of the best player of the moment, Mario Balotelli (27) chooses to surprise everyone.

French journalists were curious to see how Balotelli saw the fight for the title of world’s best footballer, and the Italian did not disappoint them. He did not pick either Messi or Ronaldo, not even Neymar, Ligue 1 rival, but named Luis Suarez, the 21-goal striker scored this season by La Liga (one under Ronaldo and four under Messi) and which “SuperMario” unsuccessfully replaced in Liverpool in 2014.

Then the Italian spoke about the PSG situation, which, although investing year after year, fails to approach the Champions League trophy. Between Cavani, the best all-time marker in the capital of France, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Balotelli gives credit to the Swedish star: “The money does not make you a team, they help you buy exceptional players, but not a team. many goals in the last two years and I have a great respect for him because he is a top player, but Ibra has played less. You can not compare Zlatan to Cavani, Zlatan is in another dimension.

To be honest, I did not watch too much PSG this season, apart from the matches with Real Madrid. And then they deserved to lose, Madrid was more efficient and played better, “he conveyed the tip of OGC Nice.

Milan, the tabloids against Welbeck: “He’s a diver”

The English press against the Arsenal striker: “Dan, rescue dive”

Yesterday’s Europa League evening is a resounding “spot” in favor of VAR: in Arsenal-Milan there have been at least three “suspicious” episodes, first of all the resounding penalty awarded to Arsenal Welbeck’s striker who has not era. Cases that probably could have been avoided with video assistance. No later than a few weeks ago, however, UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin reiterated that there will be no VAR in the Champions League and Europa League next season.

The newspapers – English media very critical with the Arsenal striker, accused of being “a diver” as the Times headlined. On the same wavelength the Sun, which has headline: “Welbeck, storm for the dive”. Ironic the Daily Mail, which playing on the name of the player headline: “Dan, rescue dive”. The Daily Telegraph, on the other hand, reads: “Italian anger over a controversial penalty”. The Mirror turns directly to the disastrous Swedish referee Eriksson and writes: “He went on the ground a little too easily, referee”, clear the reference to Welbeck.