Vicente Gómez lets himself be loved by Betis

The descent of UD Las Palmas is not yet certified, but it will come true in a matter of weeks. In this climate the rumors about the future of the players of the yellow template begin to grow. Only ten players -Lizoain, Dani Castellano, Ximo Navarro, Pedro Bigas, David Simón, Vicente Gómez, Aquilani, Peñalba, Tana and Ezekiel- have a contract for next season.

The salary of several of those players would be reduced by the decline, as stipulated in their contracts. One of the players that would be in this situation is Vicente Gómez. with a contract until June 30, 2020.

The midfielder has not had continuity this campaign, but despite this, he will not lack suitors. One of them is Real Betis. The player was a fundamental piece with Quique Setién, with whom he has never lost touch and with whom he maintains fluid communication.

Again the rumors about the future of Vicente jump. The footballer would not look with good eyes to return to Second Division. His representative -as every summer- has already offered the squad to several teams. The handicap is the player’s clause, 30 million euros, and the remaining two years of contract in the Canarian club.

In recent years the figure of Vicente Gómez has been associated with Sporting de Gijón, Valencia, Espanyol and Werder Bremen, but these rumors never came to fruition in formal offer, leaving in the air if they were real interests or simply a strategy of his agent to revalue the player and get better contracts.

The situation of the club in LaLiga has given way anticipated to the summer of negotiations. The pre-season has already reached the island and the name of Vicente is not the first to sound.

Ramírez: “I do not think of a plan other than continuing in the First”

The president of UD Las Palmas, Miguel Ángel Ramírez, blows 49 candles today in a complicated sporting context for the club. Antepenultimate classified, to 6 points of salvation and, with 9 days to play, the next opponent who will visit the island is Real Madrid. “My intention is to continue at the bottom of the canyon and not leave the club while I believe I can help in the future,” says the highest shareholder.

Ramírez showed his usual optimism, he does not want to draw guidelines that do not go through the highest category. Of course, he admits that “depending on what happens, knowing that we can keep up or down, we will make decisions, but at this moment, I do not contemplate the descent.” However, he emphasizes that “the difference of this UD with that of previous years is that before, when you went down, there was always talk of the danger of the disappearance of the club.
Anger of the hobby

“The players are the first to be convinced that they are going to do it, with that breath they work every day.” This was so forceful in the face of criticism focused on footballers. He is a regular at training and defends that “within the reality, that we would like it to be better, they know that by desire and commitment it will not be lacking”.

The image offered by the Estadio de Gran Canaria is, for many, improvable. It is one of the issues that have generated most controversy in the hobby and many of them blame it on the high price of tickets and passes. The president, in this sense, treats the problem as something global that does not affect only his team and states that “in the UD we have lowered the prices considerably, the subscriber has been allowed to come with guests … And it is not possible to raise the level of attendees. Against Barca, without going any further, we put some prices and did not achieve. “