The Berchiche puzzle

Athletic is confident of closing Yuri Berchiche’s contract this weekend. Everything is pending that the club rojiblanco and PSG take to paper what they have spoken these days. The side, in the final stretch of a vacation that began knowing that the return would have to pack because he would not continue in the PSG that this course will lead Thomas Tuchel, will embark on a new project in the league after having played in First Division for Valladolid and Real Sociedad. Athletic has a lot of livestock to become the destination of that return, although there are other clubs that still maintain interest and that are in time to improve the offer to the French team.
The incorporation of the zarauztarra will bring consequences in the club, as much in the economic aspect as in the sports one. In the matter of treasury the amortization of the signing of Yuri -also of a transfer that seems to be around 20 million euros- will be broken down in the coming years. The first team will increase the salary mass since the side will become one of the highest paid players in the squad. Enter a step similar to that of Iñigo Martínez, signed in January paying his clause to the Royal Society to deal with the departure of Laporte to City, and his salary will be among the five reference team.

Sides to export

From the sporting side, the arrival of the PSG’s still side bolsters a position for which the club has already made two moves: in January he signed Ganea, in deferred since it delayed his arrival for six months, and in May he announced that Andoni López, left-back of Bilbao Athletic, will do the preseason with Berizzo. If Berchiche is at the lions’ start on July 9, there will be a jam on the left side of the defense with Zarautztarra, Balenziaga, Ganea and Andoni López. The latter is called to seek an assignment. The pre-season was going to put him on Berizzo’s radar, but with less competition than what is now presented.
Ganea, meanwhile, has in his favor the possibility of playing also as an inside while Balenziaga is the side that has played more minutes in recent seasons: praised by Valverde and respected by Ziganda -the two consider him an extraordinary defender- nobody He thinks that they will show him the exit door of the dressing room but that he will have to make a competition with which they are convinced that the team and the players will win.

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