“We are the real winners! The big teams of Greece have fled from the field in front of us!” Razvan Lucescu, ATAC after scandals with Olympiacos and AEK


Razvan Lucescu is sure the team deserves to win the championship in Greece after the evolutions on the field.

Razvan Lucescu accused Olympiacos Piraeus and AEK Athens of resorting to incorrect means to stop PAOK from heading to the title.

“To our shock they came prepared not to play, calling for a two-money shot. (With AEK) A new proof of the lack of coherence, fairness to a team that just wanted to play on the field. , that we would have won, we would have wanted to do it only on the ground. If you get into the house … thieves who come into the house do not think you will sleep for 6 months, so it happened to us.

In 2 weeks, things have happened to us that no other club in history has suffered in the conditions in which we were in the first place fighting for a title the club would have won after many years. We are aware of what we have done, we are proud of what we have done on the field, this year we are the real winners in the conditions when the big teams of Greece, the traditional teams, ran off the field in front of us, “said Razvan Lucescu at Exacta Time in Sport.

The PAOK coach did not find out about the possibility to play the next weekend, despite Monday’s announcement of the championship: “You have to call the prime minister and the Minister of Sport and the Interior. the best answer, we know at this moment that the championship has been interrupted. There are problems that go beyond me, “said Lucescu Jr

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